Justin Bieber Performs Surprise Acoustic Mashup In L.A. That Includes New Music [Video]

Justin Bieber whipped out his acoustic guitar for an impromptu mini-show at Los Angeles restaurant State Social House on Tuesday night.

The 20-year-old singer is a regular at the West Hollywood hot spot, where he accidentally crashed a Gay Republicans meet last week.

Apparently, last night the Biebs spontaneously graced the stage, reportedly knocking out at least three songs. Luckily, at least one bystander filmed the superstar’s acoustic set in videos that have made their way onto YouTube, and can be seen below.

Taking any Belieber who may have been in the audience back to his Kidrauhl days, Justin covered Edwin’s McCain’s 1988 hit, “I’ll Be.”

The singer also sang “Home To Mama,” the duet he released last November with teenage star, Cody Simpson.

Justin also performed one, possibly two new songs. Part of the lyric of one reads, “Thank you for being around for a lifetime.”

On each song, there is no doubting the quality of his voice.

Earlier Wednesday, Justin took to Twitter after his acoustic show.

The Canadian’s mini-gig comes after yesterday’s news that he is to be roasted by Comedy Central to mark his 21st birthday, at his request. The event will be taped in Los Angeles on March 7. As yet, an air date and full line-up of roasters are unknown, apart from Jeff Ross, the Roastmaster.

TMZ reports Bieber sees the roast as “therapy,” and will “take his lumps” like a man before moving on to the next chapter of his life after the event.

As the Inquisitr reported last year and since, despite a string of missteps and questionable behavior, for the past four months (at least), Justin has actively sought out guidance from two pastors he has known since 2008. The singer has reportedly also quit smoking weed.

It remains to be seen whether Bieber will maintain the positive direction he seems to be in, and whether the — at times — misleading media coverage that he receives will find a new punching bag.

In what is the Biebs’ comeback year with a new album and new tour slated, if he can stick to the personal changes he is making, 2015 will be a game changer.

Perhaps more spontaneous, acoustic shows will follow in the meantime?

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