Lisa Vanderpump Backs Lisa Rinna In Calling Out Kim Richards’ Weird Behavior

Lisa Vanderpump took to her Bravo blog last night to show she has Lisa Rinna’s back when it comes to Rinna calling out Kim Richards’ weird behavior in the car ride to Eileen Davidson’s party. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star insists that Rinna’s questioning is warranted.

In Lisa’s latest blog post, she maintains if you engage in bizarre behavior and subject those around you to that behavior, then it is right for you to be called on it, which is exactly what Lisa Rinna did when she began questioning Kim’s sobriety as the two rode to Eileen’s poker party.

“My point being is if we subject our friends to questionable conduct, aren’t we therefore justified to call it out as Lisa R. did in the car?”

Lisa Vanderpump’s stance on this issue is not surprising as she did the same thing two years ago when the cast was in Paris and Kim began acting strangely.

“I made the mistake of suggesting she had taken a sleeping pill to combat the demands of jet lag, almost hoping that this would be a legitimate and understandable explanation for her bizarre behavior. I was met with an angry response–how dare I insinuate that she was not committed to her sobriety? But her actions spoke otherwise.”

Lisa also questions Kim Richards’ thinking in putting herself in front of the camera while under the influence, yet demanding that no one, including her cast mates, question her behavior.

“I cannot fathom how one can arrive–with the knowledge that every moment will be recorded, documented in front of millions, where they are absolutely positive that interactions in a group setting are required–without one’s faculties, albeit due to drink or drugs and not expect people to comment on irrational and volatile behavior.

Now I have utmost sympathy for anyone dealing with addiction, but as we immerse ourselves in this demanding arena, the truth always comes out, so it begs the question, if we have something to hide, where we are defensive, is it wise to test our resilience in our fight against the demands that being a public figure holds us to?”

Lisa Vanderpump also seems to back her long-time friend Kyle Richards on what transpired during the game night debacle when things took a left turn and a physical altercation occurred between Richards and Brandi Glanville. Lisa says that the altercation between the two was shocking, but understandable.

“I understood Kyle’s frustration as she attempted to communicate with Kim, only to be blocked by Brandi. Kyle obviously, with years of experiencing situations like this, resented Brandi physically blocking her attempt to reach her sister.”

Lisa Vanderpump has made it clear this season, both on and off camera, that she is no longer impressed with Brandi Glanville’s antics. After last night’s episode, Lisa and Kyle are surely not the only ones done with their cast mate’s inappropriate behavior. While Brandi may be pulling these stunts to ensure she has a seat at the table in next year’s season of RHOBH, it is a fine line between bringing the drama and bringing the type of drama that gets you iced out by the other housewives.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

[Image courtesy of Michael Larsen/Bravo]