Free Super Bowl 2015 Live Stream With Complete Halftime Show From NBC Versus Puppy Bowl [Video]

Whether you cut the cord or pay for cable, NBC’s plans to offer a free Super Bowl live stream can make your viewing time more exciting. From whether you need a log-in or whether you need to worry about limitations, read on to score a touchdown when it comes to watching Super Bowl 2015 on Feb. 1.

Super Stream Sunday will begin at noon, and NBC plans to stream pre-game coverage, the game itself, and the halftime show for 11 hours straight, reported AdWeek. You don’t have to worry about a log-in or being prompted with any additional requirements.

Why is NBC being so generous? The network wants to promote its NBC’s TV Everywhere program by letting fans try it out for free. You can watch NBC Sports Live on your desktop or app on mobile devices or tablets, at

For those who already use the app, you may wonder if you need to log in the way you usually do. Not on Super Bowl Sunday, reported Sports Illustrated.

Although NBC did live-stream the Super Bowl in 2012, this marks the first time that the network is offering the halftime show and lead-off coverage for free.

So what can you expect? Look for the Seattle Seahawks to take on the New England Patriots in Glendale, Arizona. Katy Perry is already roaring over the halftime show, and she’ll be joined by Lenny Kravitz.

But Katy admitted that she’s feeling nervous about her Super Bowl show, reported Billboard.

“I feel like I’ve outdreamt my dream,” Perry confessed.

“I don’t get nervous about much, but I’ll definitely be a little tingly inside that day.”

In addition to Katy, Idina Menzel will sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” and John Legend will sing “America The Beautiful,” reported the Daily Mail.

Katy recalled when she was young and starting to sing with her parents.

“Everybody would be going about their business, and then all of a sudden their heads would turn when I would start singing… But when I was singing into a hairbrush, I had no idea the incredible amount of work that would be asked of me in order to be at this level.”

If you’re thinking that 11 hours seems like a long time to focus on one topic, Animal Planet has an alternative with Puppy Bowl, as the Inquisitr reported.

Team Ruff and Team Fluff will compete in the annual alternative programming, featuring 55 puppies, goat cheerleaders, and kittens providing meowing commentary from the sidelines. Add in a half-time show with hamsters and a kennel full of MVPs (Most Valuable Puppies) and you’ve got a cute way to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday.

[Photo By China Photos/Getty Images]