Katy Perry Takes On JJ Watt

Mega music star Katy Perry graces the upcoming cover of ESPN Magazine’s Music Issue with NFL super star JJ Watt. Perry, known for her brazen self confidence, doesn’t seem to be intimidated by the powerhouse defensive end, wielding a magic marker and her trademark smile.

Katy will be headlining the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show for the first time and, according to EOnline, she admits to a mild case of the jitters.

“Honestly? I feel like I’ve outdreamt my dream. I don’t get nervous about much, but I’ll definitely be a little tingly inside that day.”

Watt seemed to think her nervousness was reasonable, saying, “She’s playing in a bigger game than I’ve ever gotten to play in. I’m hoping to someday be in those shoes,” he joked.

Not necessarily a football aficionado, Perry admitted to ESPN about having to Google the Texans player before the photo shoot and her first glimpse of him was as a bloody mess following a Seahawks game in 2013.

“That picture was real… interesting,” Perry says. “I mean, he looks so nice now in person! I don’t even recognize him.”

Despite the lack of familiarity between the two, both are successes in their own right. Katy just wrapped up her 2014 Prismatic Tour, raking in over $108 million, and despite Watt’s Texans finishing 9-7, his outstanding play (racking up more than twenty sacks for two consecutive seasons, breaking an NFL record) garnered him Defensive Player of the Year by the Pro Football Writers of America and the 2014 Bert Bell Professional Player of the Year by the Maxwell Football Club just last week.

Perry became a pop sensation with such hits as “I Kissed a Girl,” “California Gurls,” and “Firework.” Her energized and visually stunning performances were the crux of her 2012 documentary, Part of Me. And though past halftime performances by other artists may have been dubbed as “the worst ever,” from the Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie grinding on a guitar shredding Slash to Janet Jackson’s nipple seen round the world, Katy has the misfortune of following a stellar performance last year by Bruno Mars that left many fans joking, “Did you see there was a football game at the Bruno Mars concert last night?”

Having divulged just last month that she will be joined on stage by rocker Lenny Kravitz, Perry tells fans to expect many other “surprises.” And judging by her creativity and playfulness, fans are well aware that when it comes to Katy, the only thing you can be sure to expect is the unexpected.