Miami Girl Arrives On ‘Vanderpump Rules:’ What Did She Say About Her Alleged Affair With Tom Sandoval?

Miami girl is coming to Vanderpump Rules.

In a January 20 sneak peek at the upcoming episode of the show, a woman named Annemarie Kunkel arrives to Los Angeles to confront Tom Sandoval over their alleged affair.

In earlier episodes of the show, Kristen Doute, Sandoval’s ex-girlfriend, claimed to have been contacted by a woman who allegedly had sex with Sandoval while in Miami last year. Once the cheating scandal was brought up on the show, Sandoval denied claims, stating Doute was just trying to break him and Ariana Madix up. Now, he’s going to be faced head-on by the woman he reportedly slept with.

“She looks like the kind of girl Tom would pick out to have sex with,” Doute tells the cameras after being introduced to Kunkel for the first time.

In another scene from the preview, Miami is seen face-to-face with Sandoval, telling him, “We had sex. We had sex,” as he denies any such thing.

“No, we did not,” he insists.

After the drama between Miami girl and Sandoval goes down, many members of the cast appear to turn on Doute.

“Tom f**ked up, not me,” Doute explains.

Unfortunately, her boss, Lisa Vanderpump, isn’t thrilled with her bringing Kunkel to town. Still, she doesn’t necessarily believe Sandoval is innocent either.

“This is all getting out of hand,” Vanderpump tells Sandoval.

“She’s f**king crazy,” Sandoval explains.

“It seems very strange to me that this girl is going to come all the way across the country when there was nothing there,” Vanderpump replies.

In a recent blog for Bravo, Sandoval addressed rumors regarding his Miami affair, claiming Jax Taylor’s allegations were baseless.

“Jax doesn’t see the difference between me actually witnessing something, and him making up bulls*** about me. Its funny to watch Jax scramble when backed into a corner. He brings up this Miami thing and quickly abandons it when he realizes there is nothing there of any substance. I understand that everyone will interpret these things however they want and people will always talk or assume the worst, and that’s fine. It’s fine with me because I am only concerned with one person’s feelings in this matter — and Ariana knows the truth and knows who I am. [sic]”

The Inquisitr first reported Kunkel would be seen on the show on January 19.

To see how things go down between Tom Sandoval and Miami girl, tune into next Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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