‘Human Ken Doll’ Justin Jedlica Wants To Be 100 Percent Plastic

Human “Ken Doll” Justin Jedlica risked blindness to go under the knife again and have the “Julia Roberts’ veins” removed from his forehead. Jedlica has undergone 190 plastic surgeries in his quest to become “100 percent plastic.” Justin Jedlica is a self-proclaimed “plastic surgery addict.”

His most recent plastic surgery to rid himself of what he deems Julia Roberts’ veins from his forehead was reportedly the most dangerous cosmetic surgery procedure the 34-year-old man has attempted. The Botched star recently underwent a procedure to install a four-piece back enhancement surgery utilizing implants he made himself.

“I’ve had nearly every part of my body worked on,” the human Ken doll told the media. To date, Justin Jedlica has spent $220,000 on cosmetic surgery. He notes that there is still a long way to go before he is finished going under the knife.

“I have reputation of being one of the most extreme plastic surgery addicts in the world and I love continuing to push the limits.”

Jedlica’s cosmetic surgeries include a cranial brow lift, shoulder implants, cheek, buttocks, chin, and lip implants, and rhinoplasties.

“As an artist I’ve always enjoyed drawing and sculpting and for me plastic surgery is an extension of my creativity. But as a very detail oriented person I always find something new to critique and fix,” the human Ken doll said.

“Most recently I had three veins in my forehead stripped and ablated as every time I would smile or laugh they would pop out. It was a high risk procedure because there was a possibility I could go blind as they needed to go in through the inside of my eyelids in order to burn the veins off.”


Justin Jedlica said several cosmetic surgeons turned him away after being approached about removing the Julia Roberts’ veins. Even Dr. Terry Dubrow, from the Botched television show, said no to the forehead plastic surgery.

“My back implants are also one-of-a kind as I designed and handcrafted each piece to make sure they matched the Ken doll aesthetic. I designed the surgery to have one huge implant under the muscle and on top of that I had two small implants stacked on top of the other. I wanted the effect of having wings on my back.”

“I still have a long way to go before I can say I’m 100 percent plastic, including abdominal implants and calf implants. But I’ so determined to be plastic that nothing will stop me from reaching my goal,” Justin Jedlica said.

What do you think about human Ken doll Justin Jedlica’s desire to become 100 percent plastic?

[Image via the Daily Beast]