‘Destiny’ Update Preps Crota’s End Hard Mode, Removes One Last Exploit

The Crota’s End raid in Destiny will finally receive the hard mode version on Wednesday, January 21. Bungie deployed a patch to PlayStation and Xbox consoles on Tuesday to prep the game for the opening of the raid. The update comes with some last-minute fixes and the removal of a particular exploit during the Bridge encounter.

Hard Mode for Crota’s End isn’t available yet, but Bungie is now ready to flip the switch. The Destiny event will go live at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT on Wednesday, per the company’s tweet.

Additionally, Bungie offered the following instructions for those that can’t wait to be the first to get in on the now more difficult version of the latest Destiny raid.

Procedures for being among the very first to access the Hard Mode for Crota’s End:

  1. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bungie
  2. Open your Destiny application on the console of your choosing
  3. Wait at the opening login screen
  4. Stay tuned for Twitter updates, starting at 10AM Pacific
  5. Once we’ve given the green light, sign in and set Destination for Moon
  6. Hard Mode is Crota’s End, Level 33

There are a couple of issues with Destiny that the update fixes as well. This starts with the Bridge Encounter. As noted in this article for Inquisitr, exploits (aka “cheese”) still remain in Crota’s End following an update that removed most of them.

The most egregious remaining exploit involved hiding on top of a box in a room during the Bridge Encounter. This caused all Hive enemies on the starting side of the bridge to despawn with the exception of the Swordbearer Knight. That is now gone, but it appears it still takes only one person from the fireteam to cross the bridge. That only works though if all of the fireteam kills themselves and at least one Sunsinger Warlock revives themselves. : The one with Crota’s End Hard Mode.

Before we manually release the Hard Mode version of Crota’s End, we’re deploying another round of fixes.


Crota’s End

  • Prepared Hard Mode for manual activation on Wednesday, January 21st
    Updates on exact go-time will be given via Twitter after 10AM Pacific

Bridge Encounter

  • Players are no longer able to de-spawn enemies after activating bridge plates and holding a specific spot

Crota Encounter

  • Fixed a rare issue that caused Crota to stop summoning Oversouls

Will you be jumping into the Hard Mode version of Destiny‘s Crota’s End raid? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via Bungie]