‘Destiny’ Crota’s End Hard Mode Falls Next Week For PlayStation And Xbox

Destiny players have been taking apart the Crota’s End raid since it was introduced as part of The Dark Below expansion in December. PlayStation and Xbox owners have found shortcuts, glitches, and strategies to bring the Crota down in record times. Bungie finally announced Thursday that things are about to get more difficult as the release of Hard Mode is just around the corner — and it comes with some fresh loot, too.

Crota’s End Hard Mode is finally ready and is coming next week to Destiny. An update will be deployed to both PlayStation and Xbox consoles on Tuesday, January 20. Then, on Wednesday, January 21, at approximately 1 p.m. ET, Hard Mode will be open for business.

Bungie is holding back details on changes to the hard mode, but it will be a level 33 encounter while the maximum light level for Destiny Guardians is 32. Community Manager David “Deej” Dague did share some hints, though.

“If you’ve experienced Hard Mode in Vault of Glass, you have some clues for how we can scale up a Raid… Prepare to take better care of your teammates. You’ll have fewer options for healing yourself, and each other. The enemies you’re about to face are stronger and more prone to temper tantrums. Be brave!”

A new mode for Destiny comes with new loot for beating Crota. Four new weapons, one weapon upgrade, a ship, and a shader will all be added to the loot drop table for the raid. The new weapons are the “Abyss Defiant” auto rifle, “Fang of Ir Yut” scout rifle, “Oversoul Edit” pulse rifle, and the “Word of Cota” hand cannon.

Destiny players will also be able to obtain the “Crux of Crota.” This is the final item that is needed to upgrade the Legendary “Eidolon Ally” auto rifle to the Exotic “Necrochasm.” Full details on how to perform this upgrade from “Husk of the Pit” to “Necrochasm” can be found in this guide in the Inquisitr.

The “Bane of the Dark Gods” ship is also being added, along with the “Glowhoo” shader.

Will you be tackling the Crota’s End Hard mode when it launches next Wednesday for Destiny? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images via Bungie]

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