iPhone 6s Could Be A Samsung Galaxy S6 Killer

Neither the iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy S6 have been announced yet, but there is already a lot of speculation over what features these new 2016 smartphones will show off. Over the past couple days, several reports have indicated that the iPhone 6s won’t just be a minor upgrade from the iPhone 6. Macworld UK reports on some of the features of the upcoming iPhone.

“We’re expecting Apple to stick with the 4.7 in display for the iPhone 6’s successor, as it’s a display size that seems to have gone down well with fans so far. The iPhone 6s’s camera will have a two-lens system that could help allow users to capture DSLR-quality imagery.”

Other sources predict that the iPhone 6s camera will be 10 megapixels and allow for optical zooming. This would make the iPhone camera the best on the market, regardless of not having 20 megapixels like the Samsung Galaxy S6 camera is supposed to have.

Many iPhone users were upset when they found out the iPhone 6 only had 1 GB of RAM. According to Motley Fool, that could change with the iPhone 6S.

“Apple’s next iPhone will pack 2 gigabytes of next-generation LPDDR4 memory, rather than the 1 gigabyte of LPDDR3 memory found in the iPhone 6/6 Plus today. That’s great news for iPhone customers, especially if Apple’s next iOS release — likely called iOS 9 — features more advanced multitasking features that takes advantage of the increased memory.”

The iPhone 6s has caused quite a stir on Twitter, with most people excited about the camera more than anything else.


Apple isn’t completely out of the competition water yet; According to GSM Arena, one version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 could be very unique.

“A new report allegedly all but confirms that Samsung Galaxy S6 will feature a version with curved edge-like display on both sides. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will utilize similar interface for its side panels as the Note Edge. Users will be able to quickly glance at Yahoo! news and financial information, S Health data, notifications, and night clock among others.”

If Apple truly listens to their consumers, the iPhone 6s will have at least a 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution screen; the 750 × 1334 pixel resolution on the iPhone 6 is outdated. However, Apple is so good at marketing that they can make a 4.7-inch screen iPhone with a 320 x 240 pixel resolution screen and people would still call it brilliant.

The iPhone 6s will likely arrive during the third quarter of 2015. Will you purchase the iPhone 6s? Tell us in the comments section.