Fitness Model and Actor Greg Plitt Fatally Struck By Train In Burbank: Photos Show Moments Before Death

The 37-year-old fitness expert and actor, Greg Plitt, was fatally struck by a train at a Burbank Metrolink Station in Burbank, California while filming on a train track without permission.

Plitt – born George Plitt– was struck by a train on Saturday at 4:05 p.m., while filming a commercial for a sports drink on a train track, which he has done countless times before.

Midmost of filming, the passenger train was headed in their direction. The railroad engineer blew the horn, but the actor, model, and retired U.S. Army Ranger and small film crew didn’t budge. Police believed he must have thought the train was on a different track.

“It’s like a blind turn,” an officer stated. “When the train came, you might not be able to tell which set the train is on.”

Plitt never moved and was struck by the train. He was pronounced dead at the scene, says USA Today.

Members of the small film crew were uninjured.

Sgt. Scott Meadows of Burbank Police Department spoke with reporters about the incident.

“It does not appear to be a suicide. A camera was seized as evidence but it’s unclear who it belongs to – the victim or a witness. From the sound of it, he was filming something, but I can tell you that no filming permit had been issued.”

The autopsy report shows that the cause of death was blunt force trauma. Suicide has been ruled out.

Not only had Plitt appeared in over 200 fitness magazines, but he was also a reality star, starring in Bravo TV’s Work Out and Friends to Lovers, as well as appearing in movies including Terminator Salvation and Watchmen.

A Bravo spokesperson gave their condolences to People.

“This is a terrible tragedy. Our thoughts and deepest sympathy are with Greg’s family and friends.”

Andy Cohen, talk show host of Watch What Happens: Live on Bravo wrote on Twitter.

“We couldn’t take our eyes off Greg Plitt after we cast him on Work Out – was as nice as he was beautiful.”

“Seemed invincible, like Superman,” Cohen added shortly after.


Railroad safety expert, Arthur J Miller, also commented on the tragedy.

“Everything I’ve heard is that they were trying to steal a shot. It’s pretty clear that they were trespassing. Sadly, we are once again reminded that unauthorized access to railroad property and trains is a criminal act that can end in tragedy. You would think the lessons learned from the Midnight Rider tragedy would have worked to prevent this event.”

Moments before Plitt was struck by a train, bystanders took photos.


In this photo, it depicts three men – part of film camera crew — and Greg Plitt on the tracks.


[Image via KTLA5]