David Guetta Dating 22-Year-Old Model

It seems like just yesterday that David Guetta and his wife of 20 years filed for divorce. But now Guetta, the French DJ, is dating someone who is just a little bit older than his marriage.

Guetta has been seen with 22-year-old model Jessica Ledon. According to Page Six, the two have “known each other as friends for about two and a half years.” But just recently, Ledon has been accompanying Guetta on the road.

So what would make the 47-year-old Guetta go for someone so much younger? Perhaps his statement to Billboard will shine a light on his reasoning.

Guetta told Billboard, “I still love to party and have fun, and I’m full of happiness.”

Was Ledon more fun and more up for the party than Cathy?

Jessica Ledon is a 22-year-old model with a Cuban heritage. The brown-eyed beauty is from Florida, although not much else is known about her except that she works for the Talent Direct Agency in Boca Raton, Florida, and that she is quite a bit younger than Guetta.

According to Scallywag and Vagabond, when asked for a comment as to whether Ledon could have been a possible cause in Guetta’s split from his wife, his reps responded with vague comments, evading the question but giving a list of Guetta’s achievements, his work with UNICEF, and tour dates.

Guetta’s reps ended with this advice, “If you wanna dig deeper off you go, but as journalist, I’m sure you want better for yourself?”

So is that supposed to be taken as Ledon did have something to do with Guetta’s split, but they don’t want to admit it? That’s what many people believe.

I don’t think Guetta’s ex is too upset, though. According to Page Six, Cathy Guetta got around “$15 million in the divorce settlement.”

The couple have two children together, Tim and Angie. Cathy had helped Guetta become the international star that he is, and she also worked with Guetta on his brand.

Guetta, who has worked with such stars as Usher, Madonna, and the Black Eyed Peas, just released his album, Listen, which is his first in three years.

David Guetta himself has not commented on Ledon, but has happily been promoting his new single, “What I Did For Love” with Emelie Sande and his upcoming tour dates.

[Photo Courtesy of Scallywag And Vagabond]