iPad Mini 4 Set To Debut With iPad Pro After Poor 2014 Tablet Sales

Daryl Deino

2014's iPad Mini debuted with a lot of yawns as the upgrade was very minimal from 2013's unit. Even though most agreed that the iPad Mini 3 was an okay tablet, critics such as Dieter Bohn from The Verge slammed Apple for not caring enough to give the iPad mini more of an upgrade.

"It's a disappointment, and not because Apple released an average tablet instead of the miniaturized super tablet I'd been hoping for. No, it's a disappointment because for the past year there was one 'best' tablet, the iPad, and you could pick the smaller one if you wanted. This year bigger, it seems, is better again."

Apple is expected to launch the iPad mini 4 around the same time they launch the iPad Pro, a larger tablet that Gizmodo claims will have a very special addition.

"Apple already has patents for its own stylus, and a bigger iPad wouldn't interest the average user anyway, who would most likely stick with an iPad Air or Mini. Instead, the big iPad will be marketed toward creatives and artists who need the pen to do their tablet-based artwork."
"In the earnings call, CEO Tim Cook attributed the apparent drop in iPad sales to two reasons: First, a reduction in channel inventory this year compared to an increase in channel inventory last year. Second, the holiday quarter last year ended with a backlog of iPad mini sales. This year, there was a supply and demand balance."