Heroin-Laced Bible Discovered By Police Dog, Ohio Pair Charged With Attempted Smuggling

An Ohio woman has been charged with an attempt to smuggling a heroin-filled Bible to a friend in prison. The Bible was under suspicion after a police dog took notice and alerted prison officials. Guards were unsure why the police dog focused on the Bible, and sent it in for testing after noticing a strange coffee like stain on it. The results showed that the Bible was laced with a large quantity of heroin that the inmate was presumably going to sell or trade inside the prison. Both the woman who smuggled the drug-laced Bible into the prison and the inmate are being charged for the crime.

According to Sky News, Tehani Teepe, a 39-year-old woman, attempted to deliver hits of heroin to a friend in jail. Instead of delivering them using a conventional method, Tehani creatively hid the hits of heroin inside of a Bible by lacing the pages with the drug. Timothy King expected to receive the Bible and either use the heroin himself or trade it with other inmates. Officers did not expect anything fishy until a police dog’s attention was captured by the book. Officers took the Bible and noticed a strange coffee stain on the book, opting to send it to the coroner for further examination. The results showed that the Bible contained nearly 30 to 40 hits of heroin.

Fox News shared that the police dog found the Bible during a routine sweep. Officers have seen many creative ways for inmates to receive contraband items, but lacing a Bible with hits of heroin is something new to them. Sheriff Jim Neil knows that the inmates and their visitors must be under constant supervision, stating that contraband items can be missed.

“The length to which these highly addicted inmates will go to get drugs into jails.”

He went on to say, “Now you get a glimpse into how incredibly creative and determined these addicted inmates are, and how we must remain equally determined.”


Both Tehani Teepe and Timothy King were charged with illegal conveyance of contraband into a correctional facility and are awaiting trial. Officers are increasing their awareness of what items are being brought into the prisons and attempting to determine ways to inspect items that may be given to prisoners as a gift.

The police dog has been credited for the apprehension and discovery of the heroin laced bible.

[Photo Courtesy: Sky News]