Kim And Kanye West Squash Feud With Jay-Z And Beyonce

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were rumored to have been in a feud with the Carters, but all that appears to be squashed.

Kanye and his wife of less than a year were spotted out at dinner with Jay-Z and Beyonce last night in Los Angeles, after Queen Bey and her man were spotted at a Clipper’s game. This comes after Mr. and Mrs. Carter were said to be feuding with Mr. and Mrs. West.

Jay and Kanye had been extremely close, having recorded the Watch the Throne album together. Then rumors started spreading after Kanye’s wedding of the two friends feuding for multiple reasons.

One of the reasons was conflict over their joint album Watch the Throne. According to Clash, Jay Z admitted that the two spent “four days arguing” about whether some new tracks Jay Z had created should go on their joint album like Kanye wanted, or go on Jay Z’s next solo project Magna Carter…the Holy Grail. Jay Z even admitted that it got physical with some of the other people in the studio, although no punches were thrown between him and Kanye.

But most people think the feud that caused the separation was from Jay Z and Beyonce not appearing at Kanye’s wedding to Kim in May of last year. It was speculated that Jay would be Kanye’s best man, but the Carters never attended.

According to the Daily Mail, “Beyonce did not want to be a part of the media circus surrounding Kim and Kanye.”

The two women apparently just don’t get along very well. Beyonce tends to be more private, while Kim is the complete and total opposite. According to the Mirror, Kim has even referred to Beyonce as “selfish” and “has absolutely no use for Beyonce and Jay.”

Kim even thinks that they aren’t “worthy to be friends with Kanye.” Apparently the bad feelings between the two were so strong that they did everything possible not to bump into each other at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. A source admitted that because of the feud, it would have been a “PR disaster for them to bump into each other unawares.”

Let’s hope that things are as they appear, and that the feud between Kim and Kanye West and the Carters has been squashed.

[Photo Courtesy of Mike Barry]

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