Bully Mocks Classmate’s Dead Sibling, Gets Obliterated In Fight [Viral Video]

A bully found out the hard way not to mock her classmate’s dead sibling.

After weeks of mocking about her dead sibling, the young girl reportedly had enough, snapping and beating down her bully in a one-sided fight caught on video. The girl unleashed a series of blows on her bully, punching and kicked the girl as she fell to the ground. Some onlookers encouraged the bullied girl, who during the fight made reference to the insults against her dead sister.

In the end, the bullied girl ended her assault, and the bully was left with a number of injuries, none of which appeared to be too serious.

On Friday, that video went viral after someone connected to the girl uploaded it to YouTube and shared it on Reddit. The post garnered thousands of user upvotes and hundreds of comments, most of them supporting the bullied girl.

Details of the fight were light — it’s not clear where or when it took place, or the age of the participants. But most commenters agreed that the bully had it coming for making fun of the girl’s dead sister.

Reddit user justTexasthings shed some light on the incident.

“A lot of people are asking about the aftermath, from what I’ve gathered before she deleted her Facebook post. She broke the girls nose, the girl had been mocking her for sometime about her dead sibling and she went off on her. Both have been ticketed and fined for the fight. http://imgur.com/O6ZNfGD.”

The full video of the girl beating up a bully who made fun of her dead sister can be found below, but be warned there is some adult language and graphic content.

The Reddit user then posted some updates after the girl beat down the bully who mocked her dead sister, saying she was despondent afterward. It’s not clear if she was upset about the fight itself or about the revived memories of her departed sibling.