January 15, 2015
Oscar Nominee Eddie Redmayne Reveals Burning Superhero Ambition, Could He Be Marvel's 'Spider-Man'?

Eddie Redmayne has reiterated his interest in appearing in a superhero movie, confirming that he is a bonafide nerd when it comes to comic books.

During his discussion with the Sun, via Comic Book Movie, Redmayne explained that he devours all of the latest blockbuster films adapted from comic books when they are released. In fact, he admitted, that he goes to see each and everyone of them when they are released.

"I am an absolute geek. I have auditioned for many of those roles. I love the films. You know how in the summer, when studios compete for people to see their summer blockbusters, I am their dream. I see all of them. I would never rule out the opportunity to be in one."

However, Eddie Redmayne also admitted that it probably takes some convincing for producers and audiences to view him as an action star. But it sounds like he plans on altering this view in order to land a coveted part.

"I'm not sure people look at me and think 'hero,' so I'll have to work on that. I never go near treadmills or weights. I am not Hugh Jackman clearly."

Eddie Redmayne has allegedly tried out for numerous characters in comic book films, and it's thought that he came awfully close to being cast in quite a few of them too.

It's previously been reported that he was nearly hired as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, before he was beaten to the part by Chris Pratt, while he was almost Harry Osborn and Victor Domashev in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and The Fantastic Four, respectively.

Meanwhile, the Latino Review's Elmayimbe has previously admitted that Eddie Redmayne would make the perfect Spider-Man/Peter Parker if Marvel Studios acquire the character from Sony. In fact, he even took to Twitter to make the declaration.

However it's unlikely that Eddie Redmayne would want to replace Andrew Garfield, who has appeared in Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, as Peter Parker. The two are old, close friends.

Eddie Redmayne had a pretty stellar start to his Thursday when he learned that he had been nominated for an Academy Award for his performance as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything.

Redmayne will go up against his fellow Brit, Benedict Cumberatch, who was nominated for his portrayal in The Imitation Game, as well as Foxcatcher's Steve Carell, American Sniper's Bradley Cooper, and Birdman's Michael Keaton. Currently Keaton is regarded as the firm favorite for the gong, however, he will face stiff competition from Eddie Redmayne for it. Both of them picked up Golden Globes on Sunday for their acting efforts.

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