Miley Cyrus Twerks For Arnold Schwarzenegger: Miley’s Alleged Twerking Reportedly Left Patrick ‘Horrified’

Miley Cyrus is known for putting on a show! However, her latest rumored “twerk” performance may have went a bit too far! Apparently, the “Wrecking Ball” singer thought it would be a good idea to twerk for former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The problem with that is he happens to be her boyfriend father! Needless to say, the whole seen was probably beyond awkward!

According to Us Weekly, Miley joined Patrick and his father in Sun Valley, Idaho, for the holidays. It was reported that Arnold was quite pleased with Miley, and gave the relationship his seal of approval. Now, it’s being reported that Miley did more than just have dinner with the Last Action Hero. Gossip Cop claims Patrick wasn’t too pleased with his girlfriend’s performance for his father.

When Arnold mentioned Miley’s twerking abilities and asked if she’d twerk on him, Patrick was reportedly “horrified” by his father’s embarrassing request. However, his frustration only escalated when Miley fulfilled the request!

A source close to Patrick recently spoke with Hollywood Life about his alleged embarrassment over the exchange between his father and girlfriend.

“Patrick spent the rest of the time sulking while Miley tried to act like nothing was wrong. It was so uncomfortable.”

However, Patrick’s frustrations must not have lasted too long, because the two reportedly patched things up rather quickly. Since the Idaho twerk session, Miley and Patrick have been seen together and appear to be quite happy.


As a matter of fact, they’ve reportedly spread love throughout the family. On January 13, rumors started circulating about an alleged love connection between their younger siblings. E! News recently reported that Miley’s younger brother, Braison, 20, and Patrick sister, Christina, 23, are also dating. Braison and Christina reportedly met at Miley’s 22nd birthday party and began seeing each other in December! Now, that everyone’s happy, hopefully the twerk escapades are over!

Do you think Miley Cyrus was out of line for twerking on Arnold Schwarzenegger? Share your thoughts.

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