Kendrea Johnson: Foster Care Suicide? 6-Year-Old Girl Found Hanging From Noose

Kendrea Johnson was found dead with a noose around her neck inside her foster home in Minnesota. The 6-year-old’s grandmother does not think the foster care death was a suicide, but agency records show the child had homicidal and suicidal thoughts up to seven days per week. Police officers have reportedly stated that the manner of Johnson’s death could not yet be determined.

The foster care suicide occurred in Brooklyn Par, Minnesota, on December 27. Police are reportedly strongly considering that Kendrea Johnson committed suicide. In June 2013, the 6-year-old foster child was assessed by medical professionals, who determined that Johnson was having suicidal or homicidal thoughts, and mental health treatment was ordered.

Records reportedly also indicate that Kendrea Johnson also exhibited signs of “severe guilt” and allegedly felt she does not feel either “acceptable” or “lovable.” Johnson also reportedly feels responsible for being removed from her home and being placed in foster care.

The 6-year-old was placed in foster care last year, after a child protection agency accused the girl’s mother of failing to adhere to an “action protection plan” and of drug abuse, according to the Star Tribune.

While in foster care, Kendrea Johnson’s behavior reportedly changed, and “one foster mother” said the little girl wanted to kill herself by jumping out of a window. Johnson also drew photos of a child hanging from a rope while at school. Healed ligature mars on the sides of her neck were discovered by Minnesota police investigators.

The child protection agency report also indicate that while Kendrea Johnson had suicidal thoughts every single day of the week at one point, such feelings had allegedly dissipated to five days per week in the days leading up to the child’s death. The same investigation report also states that the 6-year-old foster care girl was in “good mood” just a few hours before her body was found. Kendrea had enjoyed a second helping of her dinner, and then went to her bedroom to watch television.

Johnson had been reportedly been looked in upon about 10 minutes before her lifeless body was found hanging from a rope. In the initial police report, an officer had reportedly noted that the knot in the noose appeared “too sophisticated” for a child so young to accomplish.

Brooklyn Park Police Chief Mark Bruley said that law enforcement investigators ultimately decided that the medical examiner was accurate when stating that the suicide by hanging was “outside what a normal 6-year-old could think about.”

What do you think about the Kendrea Johnson death? Foster care suicide or murder?

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