Florida Sisters Murder Brother: Teen Siblings Caught Having Sex Prior To Shooting

The Kornegay sisters, ages 15 and 11, shot and killed their 16-year-old brother after the teens were caught having sex. The 15-year-old White Springs, Florida, girl was reportedly locked in her room for weeks with only a blanket and a bucket to use as a toilet, as punishment for having sex with her brother. The 11-year-old sister reportedly helped her older sister commit the crime.

The 15-year-old Florida girl shot her 16-year-old brother, while their parents were away on a tractor-trailer haul. The dad was employed as a truck driver and the mom often reportedly tagged along on the excursions, leaving the 16-year-old brother in charge of the sister who shot and killed him, an 11-year-old sister, and a 3-year-old sister.

The Florida girl’s uncle was reported for sexually molesting her in 2010. The teen siblings were caught having sex one year later. The fatal shooting occurred on the Monday before the parents were slated to return the following day from the tractor-trailer haul. The uncle was arrested on child molestation charges, after his wife found a USB drive with videos of him and his young niece engaged in a sex act. The sexual abuse had reportedly been going on for a long time.


The mother of the Kornegay sisters told Florida police officers that the teen was “often” locked in her room when she “misbehaved.” The girl now charged with murdering her own brother was recently removed from the local school. The longest the Florida teen was locked in her room was 20 consecutive days, according to the father’s police statement. A police search of the girl’s room found only one blanket and the toilet bucket. The parents said that she had most recently been locked in her room with the two items because she was “talking back” and stealing.

Florida police officers found letters from the parents addressed to “Ariel,” asking why she should be allowed to leave the locked room. The law enforcement report also notes that the 15-year-old girl had attempted suicide in the past, but neither emergency services nor police were notified about the incidents.

On Monday, the 15-year-old girl was reportedly locked in her room by the brother. The 15-year-old girl was able to talk their younger sister into letting her out of the room. The Florida teen knew that their parents kept a gun in their room, but also knew that their door was always kept locked. After using a knife to remove an air conditioner from her parents’ bedroom, she climbed through the window while the 11-year-old sister kept watch.

The 15-year-old girl found the pink bag which held the gun, loaded it, and then went looking for her brother. The girl reportedly told the 11-year-old to take the toddler and go hide in the closet. The teen then turned her head and fired the gun at her sleeping brother. The 16-year-old boy screamed, “Help! Help!” before being shot in the neck from about five feet away.

The Kornegay sister who shot and killed her brother told police that she “went and buried her head in a pillow for a while,” and when she returned to the living room, the 3-year-old sister was next to the couch trying to wake their dead brother.

The 15-year-old girl gathered some money and belongings and took her 11-year-old sister and fled the home — leaving the toddler alone. The police have not yet released any details about a possible motive in the case.

Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter said, “This is the stuff nightmares are made of. It’s hard for us to get our arms around this act.”

Florida police officers found the sisters, who had walked four miles from their home to a Dollar General store. Law enforcement officers were sent to the store, after a friend of the girls called to report a “weird phone call” from the 11-year-old asking to be picked up at the Dollar General. The older sister told the friend that the might be “something wrong” with another sibling at the home.

When speaking with police, the 15-year-old girl did not make eye contact, appeared “emotionless,” and continued to apply eye makeup. Ultimately she began crying, and told the police that her brother had beaten her and that she had shot him. When police arrived at the home the 3-year-old sister simply looked up at them and said, “He’s dead.”

The 16-year-old brother’s body had apparently been placed next to the fireplace, covered by a blanket and a pillow placed beneath his head, before the sisters fled the murder scene. Both of the girls are being held in a Florida juvenile detention center on suspicion of murder, while the local prosecutor ponders whether or not to try them both as adults.

The parents and their daughters appeared before a Florida judge on Wednesday morning. The parents are facing child neglect and failure to supervise charges. After setting bail, the judge ordered the parents not to have any contact with their children. The 3-year-old sister has been placed into state custody.

What do you think about the Kornegay sisters killing their brother and the actions of the parents?

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