‘All About That Bass’: Meghan Trainor Hit Inspires Some Of The Funniest Parodies On YouTube

“All About That Bass,” the Meghan Trainor hit song that launched her from being vice mayor of unknowns-ville to receiving personal fan mail from Beyonce herself, isn’t done making people proud of their curves. Although launched mid-last year, the song remains to be a popular choice on iTunes and other online music platforms. On YouTube, “Bass” has raked almost half a billion views, giving Psy’s magnum opus “Gangnam Style” a run for its money.

Unsurprisingly, the popularity of “All About That Bass” has inspired countless parodies on YouTube over the past few months. Most fell flat, with many of falling at the brink of cringe, but a few has been considered worthy parodies of Trainor’s masterpiece. Here are some of the funniest parodies of “All About That Bass” on the internet right now. Warning: Some of the vids below might not be safe for work (NSFW).

Bart Baker

Bart Baker’s parody of “All About That Bass” possibly pokes fun on the allegations that the Trainor hit song was an anthem for skinny-hating, which for the record has already been denied by Meghan herself. Nonetheless, Baker’s parody of the song remains to be one of the funniest and most well-made version on the internet. They even got P90X founder and fitness guru Tony Horton play a fictionalized version of himself!

Barely Political/The Key of Awesome

This “All About That Bass” parody was performed by Rachel McPhee for popular parody presenters Barely Political and The Key of Awesome. In this parody, McPhee sings and makes fun of the hypothetical circumstances behind how the song may have possibly been written. Best line of the parody: “I need a goofy phrase, that I can base this. That will appeal to kids, and also soccer moms!”


This is probably one of the funniest parodies of “All About That Bass” on YouTube that do not directly make fun of Meghan Trainor or the pop song itself. It’s basically a parody made to represent daily struggles of moms as they deal with the nasty things their kids do everyday, with the young mommies pleading with the phrase “I just need some space, need some space”

CBS Follies

Another one that doesn’t provoke Trainor and the song itself, this parody song was composed and performed by students from the Columbia School of Business and basically tells about being a strong-powered female in male-dominated industries. You, go girls!

If you think your “All About That Bass” parody is better than the vids listed above, feel free to post them on the comment section below.

[Image from Bart Baker/YouTube]

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