Twitter Explodes Over ‘Angry White And Proud’ Documentary, Both Pro- And Anti-Tweets

Recently, there’s been an uproar about the British documentary Angry, White and Proud. Supposedly, this is an in-depth look at the motives, thoughts, and feelings of the English Defence League (EDL), far-right extremists in the United Kingdom.

Channel 4, the station that aired Angry, White and Proud, set to make a film-defensive statement.

“The film does not condone or glamorise the extreme views held in the film but holds them up for scrutiny and examination. It is of great public interest to look at this growing far right movement.”

Though it is true that such issues are public-interest concerns, maybe the channel could have picked a better time to air it, given the recent matters in Paris. Religious tensions are high with the shooting of the Charlie Hebdo agency by proposed Islamic extremists.

Nevertheless, some Americans are relating the EDL extremists in Angry, White and Proud to America’s own version of domestic extremists, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

Warning: These tweets ontain religiously and racially offensive material. Reader discretion is advised.

Members of AL QAEDA = Hate-filled Extremists Members of KKK = Hate-filled Extremists Why does CONGRESS keep giving #KKK Members a Pass??

— blackpolbuzz378 (@blackpolbuzz378) January 15, 2015

#angrywhiteandproud sounds like the #KKK r back.

— Aisha (@AishsVoice) January 14, 2015

However, this group seems to be specifically targeting Islamic and Muslim groups. The Mirror, a news medium in the U.K., states the following.

“As the world struggles to deal with terrorists claiming to kill in the name of Islam, the inability, or refusal, by these far-right groups to distinguish between extreme Islamists like this and ordinary Muslims trying to live their life in peace, makes the world an even more dangerous place for everybody.”

Anti-extremist citizens are standing up and letting it be known that EDL does not speak for the majority of U.K. civilians, and rightfully so. According to the U.K. Statistics Authority and Home Office Statistics, 5 percent of hate crimes between 2013 and 2014 were religion-based.

Yet, Angry, White and Proud isn’t influencing everyone.

The way the documentary films things, you would think it’s all of the U.K. who thinks this way. Yet, that’s a similar media portrayal of America. Likewise, the KKK doesn’t represent the majority of U.S. citizens’ views.

Some of the tweets were slightly comical, on a brighter side.

ironic that they cant even speak english themselves #angrywhiteandproud

— – (@caitsimpact) January 14, 2015

But sadly, Angry, White and Proud is also bringing out other, darker sides in people as well.

#AngryWhiteAndProud basically — [redacted] (@NotAllBhas) January 14, 2015

all these #angrywhiteandproud tweets are looking like

— mina (@shezumi) January 15, 2015

What are your thoughts about Angry, White and Proud? Should they have waited until religious tensions had died down?

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