Palestinian Hamas Students Make Music Video About Stabbing And Shooting Jews [Report]

A video purporting to show student actors dramatizing two Israeli Jews being stabbed and shot by masked fighters has been uploaded to YouTube.

A tweet by Jerusalem-based journalist Khaled Abu Toameh indicated that Hamas-affilated students at Al Quds University, a Palestinian educational institution with campuses in Jerusalem and on the West Bank, produced the two-and-one-third-minute video.

The U.S. State Department has officially designated Hamas as a foreign terrorist organization. This past summer, in Operation Protective Edge, Israel invaded the Gaza Strip in an attempt to put an end to rocket attacks on its citizens and to dismantle terror tunnels in the Hamas-controlled territory.

Lyrics in the alleged Hamas music video (see embed below), which otherwise has no dialogue, includes the refrain “Open fire, have no mercy, shoot the Zionists!” according to a Palestinian Media Watch translation.

The video depicts two imitation Jews wearing prayer shawls being done in by their masked attackers. “The video, which featured no dialogue and was set to Arabic music, showed the stabbing of the ‘settler,’ the shooting of the ‘rabbi’ and the triumphant arrival of men dressed in commando-type garb with their faces covered, presumably playing the role of Hamas terrorists. At the end, the men pray toward a replica of the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem,” The Blaze explained.

This is the second video containing anti-Israel violent terrorist imagery that has recently emerged online, further undermining the possibility of Middle East peace in the conflict between the Jewish state and the Palestinians. In late December, as the Inquisitr previously reported, an instructional “how-to” video was widely shared on social media that showed how to effectively kill Israeli Jews with a knife in a graphic step-by-step fashion. The video was attributed to supporters of Hamas. The clip reportedly comes to end with the text, “What are you waiting for / Rise up and stab.”

The month of December saw two Israeli police officers stabbed in Jerusalem’s Old City, and in November four rabbis were murdered in an axe, knife, and gun attack in a Jerusalem synagogue.

It’s not clear if this latest video is meant to be some sort of reenactment of the synagogue attack.

As the Inquisitr separately chronicled, a Palestinian teenager who describes himself as a “proud Israeli Zionist Arab Muslim” was forced by death threats to flee his country, at least temporarily, for safe haven in the U.S. after publicly calling for the release of three kidnapped Israeli teens who were later murdered.

[image via YouTube]