Muslim Teen Forced To Flee Israel For Expressing Political Views As A ‘Proud Israeli Zionist Arab Muslim’

Muhammad Zoabi, 17, was reportedly forced by death threats to leave the state of Israel and flee to the United States.

Zoabi, who is from Nazareth, describes himself as a “proud Israeli Zionist Arab Muslim” and is a vocal supporter via YouTube (see embedded videos below) of Israel.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Israeli police even arrested three members of his own family for allegedly plotting to cause him harm in retaliation for calling for the release of three kidnapped Israeli teenagers, who were later murdered.

On Tuesday, an Israeli military court sentenced a Palestinian Hamas member to life imprisonment for killing the three teens who were hitchhiking on the West Bank last June. Two other Hamas operatives implicated in the kidnapping previously died in a shootout with Israeli security forces.

As a result of threats made against him, Zoabi hid out at the home of a survivor of a terror attack in Israel for a month before leaving for America.

“British-born Kay Wilson said that she helped hide Mohammad Zoabi throughout the summer war in Gaza, before he was able to flee to the United States in fear of his life… At the height of the July-August Gaza war, it became evident that Zoabi had to leave his hometown. He ended up staying with Wilson over the summer while an Orthodox Jewish organization that asked not to be named arranged his passage to the U.S.,” The Times of Israel reported.

Muhammad Zoabi (whose first name is sometimes spelled Mohammad by other news outlets) resurfaced in a Facebook posting this week, writing in part that…

“I had to leave Israel only for showing my love and support to my country and its people! For showing sympathy to the families of fellow Israeli teens who have been kidnapped and killed by Arab Palestinian terrorists. For saying Enough to Anti Semitism! For saying No to Islamic and Arab extremism! And most important, for trying to show the world the real face of regular Arabs and Muslims who’re simply sick of their leaders’ corruption and unlimited hate, but afraid to say it in public!”

Muhammad Zoabi is a relative of Haneen Zoabi, a member of Israel’s parliament (Knesset) well known as a virulent and provocative critic of the Jewish state. Back in July, Muhammad posted a bilingual response to his cousin’s criticism (see embed below) of his pro-Israel views. The Legal Insurrection website noted, “The irony is that Haneen’s career would not be possible if Israel wasn’t the beacon of freedom Mohammad praises.”

Separately in May The Federalist chronicled the situation involving a Palestinian Christian woman who went public about the discrimination faced by Christians in the Palestinian territories. She was forced to flee to the U.K. owing to death threats. As a result of pressure, she was also disowned by her own family.

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