Jennifer Lopez Could Replace Britney Spears In Las Vegas Instead of Mariah Carey

Jennifer Lopez may take over Britney Spears’ successful Las Vegas residency. It was originally thought that Mariah Carey would be the one to follow. However, TMZ recently reported that since Jennifer Lopez was such a hit at a New Year’s Eve Vegas show, a full residency at Caesar’s Palace is now more likely.

“Jennifer Lopez passed the ‘Vegas Residency Test’ with flying colors on New Year’s Eve, and in the process scored more than $400K. Our Vegas sources tell us… Lopez raked in $410,000 for her NYE performance at Caesars Palace, plus she gets back end. It’s still good, and our sources say the point of the gig was to see if Lopez was a sufficient draw for a full-on residency.”

This would be a huge disappointment for Mariah Carey, who has been feuding with Jennifer Lopez after it was revealed that Tommy Mottola used Jennifer Lopez to sabotage Carey’s Glitter album in 2001. Fox News originally reported about Mariah Carey‘s songs being lifted by Mottola and Lopez.

“Not only was a song sample Carey intended to use taken from Glitter, but a concept as well. Mariah Carey may finally have been vindicated. It seems that there was more than a little truth in her accusations last summer that someone was out to get her. “

Since 2002, Carey has been passive aggressive in her disdain for Lopez, even struggling to give Lopez a standing ovation for an American Idol performance a couple years back. While Carey’s star has fallen over the past five years, Jennifer Lopez just keeps getting hotter. Lopez’s comeback all started with a successful run as a judge on American Idol in 2010. Excitement about Lopez becoming a headliner has hit Twitter.


Before Jennifer Lopez starts her likely Vegas residency, she will appear in the film The Boy Next Door, which has already received rave reviews. She recently appeared for a screening of the film in Miami. According to People, the audience went bonkers for J.Lo.

“The movie ended, the lights came up, and moderator Pamela Silva Conde, co-anchor of Univision’s ‘Primer Impacto,’ announced that J.Lo was in attendance and would be treating the audience to a Q&A. The 100 or so attendees went absolutely nice. The surprised fans shouted Jenny’s name and whipped out their phones.”

It’s quite possible that Mariah Carey could still perform in Las Vegas, but perhaps not at Caesar’s Palace. After all, why risk money on a fading star when Jennifer Lopez would be a guaranteed hit?

[Photo Credit: International Business Times]