Jennifer Lopez Doesn’t Need A Body Double

Jennifer Lopez shares some rather heated scenes with actor Ryan Guzman in the new thriller The Boy Next Door. And Lopez revealed to E! that what you’re seeing is all her and no one else.

The 45-year-old Bronx native is known for staying incredibly physically fit, and you get to see just how fit in her latest film. Lopez told E! that in her steamy bedroom scenes, that “it was all me.”

Lopez added that there was no body double for her costar either.

Whereas most stars would use a body double for such uncomfortable scenes, Lopez knew it wouldn’t work because “they needed things as close to real as possible.”

Lopez admits to never even thinking of using a body double. Now that’s commitment to her work.

Her 27-year-old costar, Guzman, was not as sure about going through with their sex scenes. He admitted on Perez Hilton that he actually went to Lopez to admit how uncomfortable he was, and Lopez was quick to put him at ease. Lopez made him more comfortable by saying that they were “just telling a story” and that it was their job to “tell it to the best of our ability.”

Lopez went on to say that she wanted the scene to “have so much intensity and so much passion that the audience felt it.” She wanted to make sure it was “memorable,” and many people would agree that she and Guzman did just that.

Although she seems so confident, she did admit to E! that the sex scenes are “embarrassing” and “uncomfortable,” but that it’s part of her job as an actress.

In The Boy Next Door, due out on January 23, Lopez plays a divorcée who ends up falling for none other than the much younger boy next door, played by Guzman. After indulging in their passion, though, Lopez finds out that her neighbor isn’t quite what he seems and as Vibe says, “discovers his dark obsession.”

Many are looking forward to the premiere and seeing Lopez in all her acting glory.

Jennifer Lopez is sure to make an impression with her costar, Ryan Guzman, in their new film The Boy Next Door.

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