Lil Wayne Drops ‘Sh!t Remix’ In New #Sorry4TheWait2 YouTube Video – Wild NSFW Lyrics Talk Cash Money Melee

The beef between Lil Wayne and his mentor Birdman “Baby” has been well documented as of late as reported by the Inquisitr.Lil Wayne complained recently in a Twitter rant about his music being held up by Birdman for various reasons. As such, it makes sense that Lil Wayne is apologizing for the time away in the lyrics of his new “Sh!t Remix – #Sorry4TheWait2” YouTube Video – with its wild NSFW lyrics, so be forewarned before you put that stuff on blast in front of mixed company.

“Did my time at Cash Money, time served and released, but this agent ain’t free.”

In the Lil Wayne remix to Future’s “Sh!t” off his new mixtape called #Sorry4TheWait2 – a song that enjoys more than 400,000 YouTube views in the 48 hours or so since it was uploaded on January 12 – Lil Wayne paints an auto-tuned portrait of guns, sipping purple, violence and sex – the usual Lil Wayne fare, done with exquisite rhyming skills.

“I sleep on the crucifix; I wake up cranky like a lunatic.”

His official Twitter account at “Lil Wayne WEEZY F” ( @LilTunechi) doesn’t hint at the “I’m so sorry for the wait n*$$a” lyrics on the remix, but folks who follow the Lil Wayne YouTube account are sharing and soaking up the new song as websites like Rolling Stone pick up on the problems exposed in Lil Wayne’s lyrics that mention Cash Money Records.

“I’m bumping Carter V on the iPod. My b8*3h mad as hell it ain’t out yet.”

Meanwhile, in the midst of Lil Wayne dropping his new song offering apologies to listeners for the wait of Tha Carter V, other websites like E! Online are focused on Lil Wayne and Christina Milian’s rumored relationship – wondering if Christina’s so-called “partner in crime” – as she called Lil Wayne – isn’t really her boyfriend in real life.

“I don’t twerk but I tweak for that purple, that pink. Yeah, you see what I’m saying? I’m a verbal disease. I’m allergic to me.”

But back to those wild Lil Wayne – Sh!t Remix – #Sorry4TheWait2 lyrics, which harken to Kanye West rapping as if he were speaking in tongues. Lil Wayne rhymes about his chopper going “dun da da,” and the way a woman hauntingly whispers Nyquil when the song opens.

“I’m just focused on my expertise.”

“Now stand under me and catch these leaves.”

“Keep my name out your mouth; I hope it taste like cayenne.”

“These n*G$a looking at me sideways. That’s because they on the sideline.”

Yes, Lil Wayne’s lyrics prove he is the trigger-smart, street-smart nerd he rhymes about.

[Image via Rolling Stone]

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