An Unlicensed Disney’s ‘Frozen’ App Allows You To Deliver Anna’s Baby – Seriously

Disney’s Frozen has taken the world by storm, and it is making endless money in every way imaginable. One of the latest methods is through an unlicensed app that lets you help out one of the main characters in a big way. It will let you help Elsa’s sister, Anna, deliver her baby.

BuzzFeed has brought the app to attention, and it’s actually something called “Frozen Anna Give Birth A Baby.” Yes, that’s the name of the game, and it is exactly what it sounds like.

frozen app anna baby start

As is blatantly obvious, it appears to take place after Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) and Kristoff (voiced by Jonathan Groff) have met and fallen in love. They get married, as is seen in the bottom left-hand image, and then Anna needed to find a bigger coronation dress.

No, the voices of the stars do not appear in the app, but only in the Frozen film and actual licensed products.

The unlicensed Frozen app is free for you to get, and it’s kind of strange — but that is an understatement.

Upon beginning the game, Anna is laying on a delivery room table with her pregnant belly sticking out. There are some magical looking tools on either side of her, including a sparkly purple scalpel.

frozen app anna baby first

After using the egg monitor to fill a “frozen hear,” you need to administer some drugs. That’s when the game-player uses the syringe and helps Anna close her eyes to rest.

That’s when things start to take a different turn from your regular medical procedure as you drag a glowing orb over her belly and it lights up with a frozen icy patch. Next up, it’s time for the use of the scalpel and performing Anna’s C-section.

That is no joke.

frozen app anna c-section

Using the other glowing orb, you can now make the area around Anna’s belly freak out. Yes, there is a fresh wound, but the orb is bringing magical Frozen powers to help with the next step of delivering her baby.


After that, you need to use the purple sparkly scalpel again to cut the umbilical cord. Then, a pair of unattached hands whisk the baby away and the glowing rose wand heals Anna’s stomach, which is now flat as a board.

You’re still not done, though, as Anna and Kristoff’s baby needs to be weighed for record keeping.

frozen app anna baby weight
That’s a healthy one.

Every baby weighs the same amount, no matter how many times you play the game. The little one is then placed on a royal bed, with his private area covered up with stars. You learn some baby care as you swaddle the child in a blanket and you’re done.

frozen app anna baby wrap

The game could literally take you less than five minutes to complete and there’s no way to lose. It’s one of many Frozen games on the site, including “Baby Elsa’s Great Manicure,” “Anna and Kristoff XMas Cleaning,” and “Frozen Nose Problems.”

That last one lets you help Elsa when she has a stuffy nose during flu season.

Disney is attempting to crack down on vendors selling unlicensed merchandise, especially Frozen stuff. Seems like there could be a good chance they will catch onto these games and eventually put the squash on them.

Remember, the Frozen app for Anna giving birth is unlicensed and isn’t sponsored by Disney in any way. The app isn’t something that will keep you entertained long or maybe even at all, but morbid curiosity is sure to take over.

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