‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ TLC Show Sneak Peek: ‘Fat Girl Dancing’ Whitney Thore Gets Buzz [Video]

Perhaps you were one of the 6,348,521 people who watched the viral YouTube video titled “A Fat Girl Dancing: Talk Dirty to Me (Jason Derulo),” or caught its star, Whitney Thore, on Today talking about My Big Fat Fabulous Life and her journey to weight gain and how Thore feels our politically correct society shouldn’t shy away from the word “fat,” nor think of it always in negative terms.

Well, now Whitney has her own show on TLC called My Big Fat Fabulous Life, and already the My Big Fat Fabulous Life Sneak Peek video is getting lots of comments and Facebook likes and Twitter tweets about Thore. My Big Fat Fabulous Life shows the backstory of Whitney Thore, and how Thore went from relatively skinny to overweight during her freshman year of college. Whitney weighed 114 pounds when she started high school, but once she began college, Thore gained 100 pounds by the end of her freshman college year.

Whitney fell into a deep depression and couldn’t stand to look at herself in the mirror, especially because her 5’2″, 110-pound frame had ballooned to 100 pounds heavier for the woman who loved to dance. Thore said she didn’t know why she was gaining so much weight so rapidly until she discovered she had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a disorder that packed on more than 230 pounds eventually onto her body – making Whitney clock in at 380 pounds.

The 30-year-old Whitney now exposes more of herself in My Big Fat Fabulous Life via clips like Getting Support from Mom & Dad, which shows how Thore feels there aren’t many personal boundaries in the home.

Yet and still, Whitney Thore wants people to know that she can still dance at nearly 400 pounds – and that she’s not trying to pass off the message that being overweight is healthy. Whitney simply wants to open the discussion to talk about her condition and the way society treats overweight folks.

“I hate people thinking that I’m lazy. Fat people are fair game. Someone has to fight for us. I may be fat, but I am so fabulous.”

As reported by the Inquisitr, it was the fast viral nature of Thore’s “Fat Girl Dancing” video that thrust Whitney into the limelight. Now that Whitney has the eyes of the world upon her with her My Big Fat Fabulous Life TLC show, we’ll see how fabulous she remains in the spotlight.

[Image via Whitney Thore YouTube video]