Kate Gosselin And ‘Kate Plus 8’ Return To TLC: What Can Fans Expect To See?

Kate Gosselin and her kids are back with a new set of shows airing on TLC beginning on Tuesday, January 13. The kids are growing up and it seems at least some of them have a bit of attitude that Kate has to try to manage. Most would imagine that this will be quite dramatic to watch.

E! Online shares a sneak peek at the first new episode of Kate Plus 8 airing on Tuesday night. Twins Cara and Mady are now 14-years-old and in this first episode, Kate takes Maddy’s cellphone away. As everyone can imagine, that does not go over well.

The Gosselin sneak peek shows Kate telling Mady that she’s afraid to ask her daughter to do anything and that the teen is not getting her phone back. When Mady asks what she did this time, Kate says she doesn’t even remember and that Mady has her phone taken away more than she even has it.

Once mom was off camera, Mady said that really her mom takes her phone away just to show that she has all the power and is so cool. Mady contends that there’s not usually any real reason and she doesn’t really do anything to lose it. The Kate Plus 8 spoiler clip shows, if nothing else, that Kate and Mady both still have very strong personalities and seemingly clash fairly regularly.

What else can fans expect from this new Kate Plus 8 special episode? The network teases that there are five special episodes this time around and the Gosselin clan will head to New England for some sightseeing in this first show. They will head to Plymouth, Massachusetts to explore how the pilgrims lived and then they head to the beach in Maine. There will be a rope climbing adventure, but Kate’s fear of heights may get the best of her.

Other specials in this limited run will cover Mady and Cara’s 14th birthday, a home renovation and the Gosselin yard sale that generated plenty of headlines not long ago. The new run of Kate Plus 8 is said to highlight the highs and lows of being a part of a large family.

One thing that fans can be certain they won’t see, in all likelihood, is Kate’s reported new boyfriend, Jeff Prescott. While it is said he’s been around as Gosselin filmed these new shows, it seems he won’t be seen on camera.

After being off of television for the most part for a while, Kate is now on two different shows on back-to-back nights. Gosselin is still a part of Celebrity Apprentice, airing Monday nights on NBC as well.

Could this limited run of Kate Plus 8 specials pave the way to a more permanent return to reality TV for the Gosselin clan? Some suspect that a regular show may well be what Kate is aiming for, but for now fans will have to stay tuned.

Will Kate Gosselin and her kids be a bit hit for TLC with the return of Kate Plus 8? Everybody will find out when “New England Adventures” airs Tuesday night on TLC.

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