Beshine: Woman Has World’s Largest Fake Breasts – Weighing In At 20 Pounds Each

A German model by the name of Beshine is making the Internet rounds lately, and it isn’t just because of her long blond hair or stunning good looks. She has the honor of owning the largest fake breasts in the entire world, and each one of them weighs at least 20 pounds.

Her real name is Mayra Hills, and she has the world’s largest augmented breasts, according to UpRoxx.

beshine largest fake breasts

Beshine is an adult model, and her measurements are 59-28-36 with 10,000 cc of saline in them to help them weigh 20 pounds each. She has a size 32Z (70Z) bra that equals up to a cup size of XXX.

To put things into perspective, with her large breasts, she is carrying around the equivalent of a five-gallon jug of water on her chest. That can’t be easy on her back and likely has to give her severe pain, but she certainly seems happy in all of her pictures and tweets.


Beshine receives a lot of harsh criticism and hate on Twitter, but it never seems to bother her.

Believe it or not, the hatred doesn’t just come from women, but men as well, who think she is being ridiculous with what she’s doing.

She does have a website where people can pay to see all of her pictures, videos, and uncensored moments. Yes, Beshine is making money off of being “the woman with the largest augmented breasts in the world” as the entry page states.

“Every inch of her delicious small frame with those mounted monster mountains and her attitude of becoming even more humongous makes her the hottest giant breasted woman on the planet.”

Her Twitter page is filled with different pictures of herself in different situations such as school teacher, working out, walking along the beach or just wishing everyone a joyous holiday. She also talks about daily issues such as knocking bottles of wine off of restaurant tables without even realizing it.

Beshine’s breast implants don’t bother her in the least bit, and if she does have back pain, she isn’t letting it be known.

She may have hobbies, but virtually everything revolves around her breasts, and that’s obvious from her social media accounts. Beshine has the world’s largest fake breasts, and she gets plenty of attention, – some good, some bad – but she seems perfectly fine with all of it.

Whether or not the 20 pounds of breast on each side of her chest will come back to haunt her in the future remains to be seen. For now, she’s living life and showing it to everyone.

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