College Students Increasingly Seeking Sugar Daddies To Help Cover Massive Tuition Costs

While it’s most parents dream that their son or daughter gets a proper education at college, around 60 percent of America’s 21 million college students graduate with a debt in the order of approximately $27,000.

Even though many college students do what they can to supplement their income while studying, taking part-time jobs waiting tables and the like, it never seems to be enough, and takes away from valuable study time.

But, as reported by The Daily Mail today, an increasing number of students are turning to sugar daddies rich benefactors, to help fund their education.

Apparently, sites like are receiving increasing numbers of sign-ups from young college girls, who want to “seek an arrangement” with a rich, possibly older “gentleman.”

That website told The Mail that it had 425 new sign-ups from the University of Texas in 2014 alone, not to mention other colleges around America which also had new members join.

While the University of Texas tops the list for sign-ups in 2014, it was followed closely by Arizona State University with 403 and New York University with 398.

Amazingly, a reported 1.4 million students have turned to to help fund their college fees and expenses.

Due to the high price of tuition at colleges, even students from upper-middle class and high income families are turning to websites such as these, with at least 35 percent of people signed-up coming from wealthier backgrounds.

While some people don’t necessarily find love, or even a convenient arrangement on such websites, those who do find their perfect sugar daddy receive up to $3,000 per month allowance.

Even though the whole concept appears weird and even slightly off to some, according to Brandon Wade, CEO and founder of, his site is tackling a problem the government ignores.

As he told reporters, “While other countries seek to create opportunity and provide a better start for students by abolishing tuition fees or lowering them to reasonable amounts, Congress continues to ignore the problem. The average debt is more than what most of these new graduates will make in a year.”

While financial assistance is the main agenda for college students seeking arrangements online, it isn’t the only one, as job and networking opportunities often also come to those who are lucky.