A Bald David Lee Roth Rocks The Freddy Krueger Look At Foo Fighters Birthday Bash

David Lee Roth surprised everyone at Saturday night’s birthday concert for Foo Fighter Dave Grohl when he strutted onstage as bald as a coot, looking like Freddy Krueger’s younger, less psychotic, and slightly more fashion conscious younger brother.

The Van Halen frontman has long been renowned for his flowing golden locks, but when Diamond Dave took to the stage as a special guest to perform Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love and Panama at Dave Grohl’s 46th birthday bash, the audience were momentarily stunned by Roth’s bold new look.

As well as sporting a full torso tattoo, Dave was also sporting a Dai cap, and when the man once affectionately known as “Goldilocks” whipped the distinctive headgear made popular by working class gentlemen in the last century off his head, the world was treated to a sight it’s never seen before – a rock god minus his hair.

Ultimate Class Rock reports that for a time, speculation ran rampant on the state of Diamond Dave’s hairline after a precipitous post-Van Halen recession. In fact, there’s an entire message board thread on the RothArmy.com website discussing how Roth’s coif impacted 1988?s Skyscraper.

Yet on Saturday night, Roth finally silenced the speculation, when a few minutes into Panama, he removed his Dai cap, bared his head for the world, and instantly appeared to channel none other than Nightmare On Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger.

Freddy Krueger

Roth fans were instantly divided by Dave’s new look. Some were relieved that, unlike Poison’s Brett Michaels, he wasn’t hiding his thinning hair with bandanas and cowboy hats, while others were adamant that the shaved head, bald look was not a good image for the legendary rocker, and Dave would be better off investing in a plausible wig.

Other jilted fans went even further and suggested it’s officially time Roth retired because fans want to see a wild-haired Roth jumping around on stage, not the middle-aged bald one whose voice is shot and still acts like it’s 1984.

Over at the Van Halen News Desk, a war of words broke out among Roth’s legion of fans. One fellow celebrated Dave’s new look in no uncertain terms.

“Yes! Dave shaved his head like me. I always said he should go long or shave it (the two bad-a** styles). Short conventional hair is for nerds. Glad Dave is reading the forums and listening! It just a sign of the universe realigning itself again. DLR getting back his mojo. Dave bedding younger girls than most 60 years olds. The cat is getting back his cool and style, his machismo and testosterone.”

But others chose to tread cautiously and were not so quick to sing Roth’s praises.

“Tattoos and Now a Bald head?!? Is this now a sign of the Apocalypse.. Or is this Diamond Dave having his own mid life Crisis? Hmmm..”

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