‘The Sims 4’: New Game Pack Details And Hope For Mac Users

Fans of The Sims 4 are eagerly awaiting the impending release of the first game pack of this era. According to The Sims VIP, owners of The Sims 4 were treated to an announcement on the main menu of the game. In the surprise announcement, Maxis developers confirmed that The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat will be available for purchase next week. There’s even more good news for fans of The Sims 4: The game producers, known collectively as SimGurus, have been letting tidbits and details of the upcoming game pack slip on social media.

For fans still confused about the new term “game pack,” producer Grant Rodiek offered some clarification via his Twitter account. It seems the new game pack will replace stuff packs from The Sims 3 era. For the same price as a The Sims 3 era stuff pack, gamers will get new clothing and new objects, but also new features and new game play mechanics.

Rodiek also shared a screen capture of what he called his favorite feature in the entire The Sims franchise: a bear suit.

Producer Sarah Holding dropped even more details on her Twitter account. Players who purchase The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat can look forward to a brand new aspiration: Outdoor enthusiast. The Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration will be tied to fishing, insects, and the new herbalism mechanic.

There may even be some good news for fans of The Sims franchise who own a Mac. According to The Sims VIP, the official Twitter of The Sims Spain confirmed that Mac users who previously purchasedThe Sims 4 for Windows via Origin will not have to purchase it again for their Mac. If true, that would confirm that as Maxis has said previously, they are working on a Mac version of The Sims 4, and also suggests the process may be nearing completion. Unfortunately, the post disappeared quickly from the Twitter account, so for now it’s only a rumor.

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