Is Britney Spears Losing Her Vegas Gig To Jennifer Lopez?

Britney Spears brought her act to Vegas a little over a year ago, but it looks like the pop diva may have some stiff competition on her hands soon, in the form of Jennifer Lopez. JLo may be the next pop singer to land a sweet Vegas show, based on her strong showing New Year’s Eve in Sin City, according to TMZ.

Is Britney about to be replaced as the reigning pop queen of Las Vegas? Rumor has it Lopez will be offered a better deal than Spears for a Vegas residency and live show. Back in October, The Axis at Planet Hollywood was courting the American Idol judge with a $350,000 offer per show while it was paying Britney Spears a “mere” $310,000 per performance. But then business savvy Spears negotiated an even better deal for her new contract, adding in back end profits, merchandising, and other perks, bringing her estimated earnings per performance to around $475,000 whenever she takes the stage.

Jennifer Lopez’s New Year’s Eve performance was a sort of test run for a Vegas residency offer, and JLo raked in $410,000 for herself and another $600,000 for Caesar’s Palace. Given Jennifer started at a higher pay scale than Britney, it remains to be seen if she’ll be able to negotiate an even better deal than Spears.

And as if Britney Spears didn’t have enough competition with Jennifer Lopez, it looks like Mariah Carey will be joining them for a little sun and slots between shows in Vegas, as that former American Idol judge reportedly has signed an unannounced residency, as well. The Caesar’s Palace gig hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, much less how much the diva will demand financially, but the payday could exceed Britney’s new $30 million, two-year contract.

After a year, is Britney already old news in Las Vegas?


Vegas can be a tough crowd, but one of the longer running acts is Celine Dion, and she still out-earns them all — so far, anyway. Dion just edges out Spears with a reported $476,000 per show, making her the top earner in Sin City among singers. But you can bet both Lopez and Carey will do their best to not only one-up Britney, but topple the top dog of Las Vegas.

On a side note, network executives should take notice of all the potential pop drama about to unfold. Perhaps a Real Housewives of Las Vegas is in order? Oh wait, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey are all single, or about to be.

[Photos via official Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears sites]