Jimmy Fallon As Surprised As Fans To Find Out He Had ‘#AwkwardDate’ With Nicole Kidman

Glamorous actress Nicole Kidman is the former Mrs. Tom Cruise, and is now married to country crooner and American Idol star Keith Urban, but little did you know she once dated Jimmy Fallon. In fact, Jimmy Fallon didn’t know she dated him either. And we do mean she dated him only once.

If you’re confused, so was Fallon when Nicole appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and the pair gave their very different versions of their first meeting. They both agree a friend of Jimmy’s called him up to say he wanted to bring Kidman over to the Fallon man cave to meet him, but that’s where the stories diverge. And where it gets hilarious: Nicole confessed to Fallon she had a crush on him, and considered their meeting an informal date. Jimmy didn’t quite understand the meeting for what it was, and was mortified to find out he blew his chance to date Nicole Kidman.

The comedian hid his face in his hands as Nicole talked about him wearing a baseball cap, hardly talking, and putting in a video game during the “date.” The stunning actress said she thought Jimmy wasn’t interested in her, or maybe he was gay.

The video of the revelation has gone viral, and inspired the trending hashtag #AwkwardDate. Jimmy Fallon followed up the Kidman segment by sharing some of the #AwkwardDate tweets that had come in, inspired by his failed date with Nicole, including this tweet from @HeidiHoNayber.

My date revealed his prized tattoo to me within the first 10 minutes. It was a cartoon of him drinking a 40 oz beer.

@AmberConn1 also had a dating horror story.

One time my date told me he had to keep his phone out because his ex “could be going into labor at any time”.

But Fallon seemed far more embarrassed about his dating fiasco, even turning red-faced during the exchange, hiding under his desk, then starting to leave the talk show set. Nicole jumped behind the desk and took his seat before Jimmy returned, when he asked her if she remembered what his apartment looked like.

“Like not much,” Kidman replied. Ouch.

The video revealing Jimmy Fallon’s embarrassing date fail with Nicole has gone viral, with over 15 million views since it was posted January 6. Do you really think Nicole Kidman had a crush on Jimmy Fallon and he really had no idea till now?

[Photo still courtesy of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon]

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