Beauty Tips For 2015: Try These Secrets To Look Younger In The New Year

I’m a sucker for every new list of beauty tips that promises to take years of my 45-year-old face and body. However, the real secret of certain beauty tips is that some of the tips actually live up to their promises, and the blessing of being able to try a bunch of beauty tips is that we can stick with the ones that work.

First off, as reported by the Inquisitr, ditching your normal acne wash or expensive face cleanser and replacing it with the oil cleansing method of washing your face could do wonders for your complexion, as it has done for mine, along with making sure to hide from the sun or slather on MAC’s 35 SPF containing foundation all the time. It’s ironic that massaging pure oils like grape seed oil onto your face and forgoing harsher soaps could go a long way to soften wrinkles and moisturize skin and clear up acne, but it’s working for me.

Drink more water, if your doctor says it’s okay. I’ve been eating and training for a fitness competition, and my trainer advised me to ramp up to drinking one gallon of water per day. I naturally assumed I already drank that much per day, since it seems I’m always guzzling bottled water or LaCroix, but when I learned that it takes approximately 7.5 bottles of the 16.9 ounce standard bottled waters to make up a gallon – and I used the free “My Fitness Pal” app to track my water intake – I learned that I didn’t always drink that much. I’m more conscientious of the amount of water I consume – especially since gorgeous 42-year-old actress Gabrielle Union says she’s been drinking a gallon of water per day since her mid-30s, as reported by Essence.

However, not everyone should start guzzling one gallon of water per day — especially those with heart conditions, who may require less water.

Take Vitamin D3 and drink probiotic juice, if your D-levels are low, another of the great tips that tops my list of beauty tips for 2015. My doctor tested my blood work, and noted that while my Vitamin D levels weren’t low enough to need a prescription, I could work on raising it, especially since I’ve read about Vitamin D’s connection to energy, weight loss, and more. As such, I pop by my local health food and buy Rainbow Light – Berry D-Licious 2500 IU Vitamin D3 gummies just about every week and chomp on them by the handful. Although Dr. Oz recommends 1,000 IUs per day, I heard him say on a talk show that you wouldn’t want to exceed 50,000 IUs per day – so I might take 25,000 IUs some days and feel fabulous.

One of my next favorite beauty tips is to focus on getting rid of your “leaky gut” by drinking stuff like Next Foods – Good Belly Splash Probiotic Juice, at least eight ounces per day. They have a “12-day challenge,” and I tried it and loved it, especially how live probiotics and the aforementioned oil cleansing and Vitamin D has made my hormonal acne all but disappear.

If you want more beauty tips for 2015, the Huffington Post has a list of little-known beauty tips that focus on hair, jewelry, skin, and more.

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