‘Shameless’ Spoilers: Fiona’s Flirtations, Ian And Mickey’s Relationship And Jimmy’s Return

Shameless season 5 premieres this weekend, and life is going to be as crazy as ever for the Gallagher family. Things may be changing around the neighborhood as it begins a move towards gentrifying, but will they be able to build a better future?

As TV By the Numbers has reported, fans can watch the Shameless season 5 premiere early (at least the TV-14 rated version), along with the season premieres of House of Lies and Episodes, across multiple platforms, including YouTube, SHO.com, television providers’ On Demand channels and websites, SHOWTIME ANYTIME, the SHOWTIME Preview App. and iTunes. Also, this is a free preview weekend for the network, so even if you don’t usually get it, you have a chance to watch the first episode. Watch the Shameless season 5 premiere below.

Special guest stars for Shameless season 5 include Dermot Mulroney, Steve Kazee, Sasha Alexander, and Justin Chatwin. Yes, Justin Chatwin is back, as was revealed at the end of the season 4 finale, and Emmy Rossum, who the Inquisitr previously called “one of the leading lights” in the Showtime series, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the role Jimmy played in the events of last season for her character.

“I think a lot of her behavior last year came from again felling abandoned by a man, feeling that she didn’t find her place [and] that she’d never feel that heat and that safety that she had with him. She certainly didn’t find it with her boss, and she certainly wasn’t finding it with his brother! Then she went into this tailspin, and I think subliminally this year we’re going to see her work through that, and maybe she blames Jimmy a little bit for the things that happened.”

She also teased Jimmy’s return in Fiona’s life on Shameless and what she hopes to see between these two characters.

“He will present himself in her life again, and it will be very tempting for her not to fall back into that old dynamic. He has a real physical pull for her, [and] it will be interesting! I kind of want to see her with Jimmy, but I don’t want to see her get screwed over. He’s not the most honest guy.”

Shameless season 5 picks up a few months after the end of last season, and Fiona is “settled into her job” that she got in the finale. As Rossum has previewed, that’s where she meets a few guys with whom she’s at the very least “flirting.”

“Her job has kind of become the new Gallagher kitchen [in that] she takes over. She knows all her customers. She’s kind of got this flirtation going with a couple of different guys, of course, including her manager, Sean (Dermot Mulroney). She’s also flirting with these guys in a band, who are some of her regular customers.”

Fiona is attending NA, but she’s not going to be taking it as seriously as she should because “she still doesn’t believe that she has a problem,” Rossum explained. Will that mean trouble in Shameless season 5?

“I’m not actually sure if she is a drug addict. I think she’s addicted to situations and people and energies that aren’t necessarily going to put her in the position to win, and I think she’s more comfortable in chaos than she is in flatlining, normal, happy situations.”

Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly has reported good and bad news for Ian and Mickey’s relationship this season on Shameless, as well as a tease about romance for Fiona.

“The good news is that Ian seems like he’s gotten better – though that could just be the calm before the storm – so his relationship with Mickey is going pretty well… if you ignore infidelity. In other relationship news, romance is in the air for Fiona, but not with whom you’d expect.”

Watch the cast discuss Ian and Mickey’s relationship in the video below that Showtime has released on its Shameless YouTube channel.

Shameless season 5 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

[Image via Showtime]