'Bachelor' Spoilers: Episode 2 Brings Virginity Reveal, Will Chris Soules Embrace The News?

Stacy Carey

Chris Soules' first dates of ABC's The Bachelor 2015 season will air on Monday night, and it looks as if he will be in for quite the ride. The drama is said to begin immediately after the rose ceremony, and each of the bachelorettes will be jostling for Soules' attention. A new Bachelor spoiler sneak peek was shared via ABC and fans may find this one fairly comical.

The Bachelor spoiler clip shows Megan Bell, Mackenzie Deonigi, and Ashley Iaconetti chatting, seemingly during the cocktail party. Ashley is a virgin, but she hasn't told Chris Soules yet. Mackenzie asks Ashley if she's told Chris she's never had a boyfriend before, and that's when the virginity revelation comes up. Mackenzie says that guys love that, and she's jealous that Ashley is a virgin.

Mackenzie goes on to say she thinks that Ashley's virginity is going to keep her on the show much longer. She says that Ashley is super pretty, has a good personality, and is a virgin, and she's jealous and wishes she was in Mackenzie's shoes.

Some long-time Bachelor fans might say that Mackenzie perhaps doesn't have a great understanding of how these types of things usually work on this show, as in many a season, gals with Ashley's values actually don't make it all that far. Ashley, however, says that she's going to make sure that Chris knows she's going to be a good time for the rest of his life if he chooses her.

The clip may well indicate that a few alcoholic drinks have been consumed by the ladies at this point. After the conversation with Mackenzie and Megan, Ashley walks off with Chris for a bit of a chat, albeit with a few stumbles it would appear. Will she make her big confession during this time? Does it lead her to a rose or to an elimination at the end of the night?

Reality Steve's spoilers for Episode 2 of The Bachelor would seemingly indicate that Chris sees enough in Ashley to keep her around at least for a bit. Does her virginity play a role in Chris' opinion of her one way or another? Fans will have to tune in to the January 12 episode to find out.

According to other Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve, Soules may be a bit more ready to embrace such a quality in a bachelorette than some of the previous franchise leads. According to Steve, not only is Ashley a virgin, but Becca Tilley is too.

While Ashley and the ladies are making jokes about Chris taking a virgin to the fantasy suites, spoilers would indicate that he just may actually do that. However, which lady is it that he keeps around that long? Fans are anxious to watch and find out for themselves.

Episode 2 of ABC's The Bachelor 2015 season starring Chris Soules airs on Monday, January 12. Fans can't wait to see how those first dates of the season go as Chris looks for the love of his life.

[Image via ABC/Rick Rowell]