Gal Gadot Beefs Up Her Body To Fit The Role Of ‘Wonder Woman’ [Photos]

Gal Gadot has officially been cast as Wonder Woman in the first film adaptation for the iconic superhero. Wonder Woman fans have long been awaiting a big screen production of their favorite Amazonian heroine, and the movie has gone through several rumored castings — including Megan Fox.

But now that it seems the crew of the new Wonder Woman film franchise have finally settled on Gadot, an Israeli actress and fashion model, some fans are worried that she isn’t muscled enough to portray the powerful heroine. Never fear, Wonder Woman devotees, Gal Gadot is beefing up for the role.

According to Movie Pilot, Gal Gadot has shared some photos from her gym where she appears to be lifting weights religiously to get into shape for Wonder Woman. Gadot has gone from a skinny, and seemingly delicate, model to a pumped up tough-girl in only a few months. You can see the photos of Gadot’s new body in the photos below.

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Some Wonder Woman fanatics might claim that Gal is still not nearly brawny enough to fit the impressive physique of the superhero, but the actress still has about a full year to continue training before Wonder Woman starts shooting. Either way, the results are noticeable. Gadot has a defined six-pack and some well-sculpted arms. According to Screen Rant, Gadot is fully equipped for a gym-transformation, having been an athletic trainer in the Israeli Defense Force. Could it be possible that Gadot will be doing some of her own Wonder Woman stunts?

The character of Wonder Woman is best known for her super strength, athleticism and flying ability –making her one of the few comic book characters with powers comparable to Superman. Expectations are high for the Wonder Woman film, so fans will likely be pleased to see that Gal Gadot is going the extra mile to do Wonder Woman justice.

The first photo of Gal Gadot in the full Wonder Woman outfit was revealed during Comic Con this past summer. You can see Wonder Woman pre-beef-up in the photo below.


Some artist renderings of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman have also hit the internet recently, including the illustration below by David Paget. Do you think this costume is faithful to the original Wonder Woman comics?


What do you think of Gadot’s new body? Is it up to the standards of Wonder Woman herself? And will you be buying a ticket to see the new Wonder Woman adaptation when it finally hits theaters?