Cats Make Better Pets Than Dogs, Say Taylor Swift And Purr-Fect Research [Video]

Cat lovers, get ready to purr with triumph. A furball flurry of new kitty research has revealed that when it comes to the argument of whether cats or dogs make better pets, cats have more unique benefits, reported Business Insider.

Do you consider yourself environmentally friendly, trying to go green? Then adopt a cat, say scientists. They found that while a medium-sized dog’s carbon footprint measures twice that of an SUV due to the amount of meat needed to feed the canine, a cat’s carbon footprint compares to a little Volkswagen.

Hate constantly cleaning the floor? Get a cat, advise researchers. They discovered that while cats tidily sip their water with minimal if any splashing, dogs slam into their water bowls. As a result, canines drink water with a force equal to eight times gravity, while cats measure only two.

Although both cat owners and dog owners benefit from the companionship of their pets, University of Minnesota researchers discovered that cat owners are about 40 percent less likely to die of a heart attack. The dog owners did not have equal health benefits.

Worried about money? Adopt a cat, suggests the ASPCA, which compared the costs of pet ownership. The non-profit pet organization discovered that cat owners save $300 to $800 or more annually over dog owners.

And for those still not sure, Taylor Swift is happy to explain why she’s on Team Meow. Known for toting her kittens with her, Swift recently introduced her new kitten companion, Olivia Benson, reported Today.

Taylor, who chose the name because she’s so fond of Law & Order: SVU, has allowed her famous cat to become an advertising model for a Keds shoe style called the Sneaky Cat. The shoe includes Swift’s birthday on the heel (12-13-89).

The little blue-eyed Scottish fold kitten already is friends with Taylor’s other cat, named Meredith Grey after Grey’s Anatomy.

As the Inquisitr reported, animal adoption groups have expressed appreciation for the way that the internet has enhanced pet ownership, and especially drawn attention to the cuteness of cats.

From Grumpy Cat photos to Taylor’s discussions about her cats via social media and talk shows, cat adoption statistics show that more people are choosing to bring home a kitten or cat.

“Social media has put pets front and center,” confirmed Christie Keith, social media consultant for Maddie’s Fund, which focuses on saving cats’ and dogs’ lives. “Social media is revolutionizing how we help animals.”

In a recent study conducted by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, cat adoptions from shelters soared 111 percent.

[Photo By Kevin Kane/Getty Images]