WWE News: Roman Reigns Disappointing WWE Officials With Scripted Promos, Push Declining?

Roman Reigns has been the talk of the WWE town for the last month and a half, but for the wrong reasons. The former WWE Tag Team champion is on course to overtake John Cena’s position as top dog of the WWE. Like its been said many times before, Reigns has the look and build to be the “face” of the WWE. However, things aren’t exactly going his way.

First, Daniel Bryan returned to the WWE and announced he will be entering the Royal Rumble match on January 25. It will be his first time wrestling since May. Second, Reigns’ performance since his return from injury can be said in one word: lackluster.

A few days ago, the Inquisitr reported on Reigns not receiving the kind of crowd reaction they were expecting from the future of the company. Looking at the crowd during his matches with the Big Show, the crowd looks disinterested. Another disappointing part of Reigns’ game are his promos, as WWE officials are becoming frustrated with his scripted promos as of late.

“There is said to be a lot of talk within WWE about the way Roman Reigns‘ promos have been scripted as of late. Many are under the impression that Reigns’ promos have put him in ‘quicksand’ and aren’t helping him reach the next level at all.”

Disregarding the notions of his poor performance, the WWE is still teasing a match between him and Brock Lesnar in the future. Since Lesnar is rumored to be leaving the company after WrestleMania 31, there would only be one time to have that match.

Is there anyway to fix Reigns on the microphone? WWE has some of the best talkers in the professional wrestling industry, and they can guide Reigns to the promise land. While Reigns was out of commission, he received help from legendary actor Howard Fine in order to get better on the stick.

For the plenty of Reigns fans in the WWE Universe, change is always possible in the WWE. Seth Rollins is a perfect example of someone who has gotten drastically better on the microphone. In Ring of Honor, Rollins couldn’t speak. Now, Rollins is one of the best talkers in the WWE. It’s no secret that the “face” of the WWE needs to be able to speak, and Reigns isn’t quite there yet. Perhaps Reigns just isn’t ready for the responsibility that John Cena has dealt with for the past 10 years. After Royal Rumble, the WWE Universe will see if they truly believe in Roman Reigns.

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