True Love Tester Bra – A Revolutionary Garment That Unhooks Only For The One You Love

A Japanese lingerie company has come up with an innovative bra that ‘works’ only for the person who truly makes you feel special. The “True Lover Tester Bra” will evidently unhook only for the “true love” of your life, claim the makers.

Early last year, Japanese lingerie maker Ravijour released a high-tech “True Love Tester” bra that they claim will only unhook when the wearer is in love. The firm confirmed that that the True Love Tester bra will snap open when it senses that the woman’s emotions are those which match when a person is in love.

Released as part of its 10th anniversary celebration, the True Love Tester bra is fitted with sensors and a high-tech automated clasp that connects to a smartphone through a Bluetooth app. The embedded sensors monitor the wearer’s heart rate and send the data to the app. If the heart rate accelerates, typically when a woman is genuinely excited about someone, the bra snaps opens.

The developers claim when a woman is in love she gives out measurable excitement indicators that can be distinguished from other types of excitement. Hence they assure, the bra won’t unclasp when she’s snacking on her favorite dish or watching her favorite show. Evidently, a woman’s heart rate is different when she’s in love than she is shopping, exercising, watching a scary movie or just flirting.

It is an established fact that a woman experiencing love can have her adrenalin rushing, which in case causes the heart to race. While enjoying intimate contact with the one you love, the brain sends a signal to the adrenal gland, which pumps out hormones such as adrenaline, epinephrine and norepinephrine. They flow through the blood and cause the heart to beat faster and stronger. Though the exact technology is being kept under wraps, the True Love Tester Bra could be loosely based on these principles.

The makers claim, the bra can’t be forcibly opened or tampered with. However, they haven’t said anything about any defense mechanism built-in, should an unwanted or undesired person attempts to have a go at it. Neither has the company commented on the likely situation where the person merely slides the bra, instead of unhooking it.

Wearable technology is rapidly being incorporated in women’s clothing; however, the bra is perhaps the favorite undergarment for scientists to tinker with.

[Image Credit | Ravijour]