Did Harry Styles Really Make a Sexual Comment About Niall Horan, And Is He Dating Nadine Leopold?

Some Harry Styles fans were ecstatic this Sunday. They thought that they finally found solid evidence that the One Direction singer digs dudes, and the object of Styles’ affection appeared to band mate Niall Horan.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Directioners completely flipped out over a comment that appeared on an Instagram photo of Niall Horan sticking his tongue out.

“Can I sit on your face?” it read. A follow-up comment begged Horan, “Please?” The words appeared to come from Harry Styles, so of course One Direction fans had a social media meltdown after seeing them.

Numerous media outlets, including Cosmopolitan, have reported the Instagram exchange as a real thing. However, it looks like Harry Styles probably didn’t actually ask Niall Horan if he can sit on his face. According to Sugarscape, the Instagram exchange is likely a hoax — the alleged screenshot making the rounds online was probably digitally altered to make it look like Harry commented on Niall’s photo.

Niall Horan Tongue Photo

Sugarscape reports that the alleged comment from Styles can’t actually be found in the 129,000 comments on Horan’s Instagram photo. Harry is also listed as the first person to like Niall’s photo, but Harry doesn’t even follow Niall on Instagram.

This sad news for Narry shippers, who actually are a real thing.

It will also disappoint those who think that Harry Styles is gay or bisexual. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Styles has shown his support for the LGBT community multiple times in the past, and he once told an interviewer that gender is “not that important” when it comes to love. However, he was likely joking — Harry also told GQ that he’s “pretty sure” that he’s not bisexual. If Harry Styles really is saying dirty things to a cute blonde, he’s likely saying them to Victoria’s Secret model Nadine Leopold (pictured below).

According to Unreality TV, Styles and Leopold were spotted visiting a Los Angeles tattoo parlor together on Tuesday. Nadine’s 21st birthday is today, so maybe Harry was treating her to a tat as an early birthday gift. Harry Styles and the Austrian model were first spotted together shortly before Christmas, and there was photographic evidence that the couple spent the night together while One Direction was in NYC for their Saturday Night Live appearance.

The pretty pair might be getting pretty serious, but Nadine Leopold wisely chose not to get a tattoo commemorating their love — instead she opted to get a white ink tattoo commemorating her brother’s birthday.

Do you think Harry Styles and Nadine Leopold make a cute couple, or are you disappointed that Hazza isn’t trying to hit on Niall Horan via Instagram?

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