Taylor Swift Is ‘Brilliant’ In Eric Church’s Eyes

Many wouldn’t classify Eric Church as the sort to be swept up in 1989 mania, yet the country star who rocketed to success in 2011 with his album The Chief has, surprisingly enough, joined the Taylor Swift fan bandwagon.

In a recent interview with the New Orleans Time-Picayune the North Carolina native had some positive and supportive words for the country-turned-pop princess about her latest album.

“I think the record is brilliant…I own the record. You know what I love about it? It’s creative. It’s what she wanted to do.”

Taylor Swift has been said to have taken a gamble by creating an album that is so far removed from her country roots, but the gamble has clearly paid off. The entirely pop-focused album has seen two back-to-back smash singles and has outsold the Frozen soundtrack to become the top-selling album of 2014.

The 37-year-old “Talledaga” singer continued in his praise for Swift and in demonstrating his “mad love” for the talented star, as the Music Times notes.

“What she’ll do next, I have no idea. And that’s what I think is cool about it. I have no clue where she’s heading. That’s the exciting part. When you do something like that, it kind of shakes everything up so much — no pun intended — that you’re intrigued. That’s exciting to me.”

It is without doubt that Taylor Swift has kept her fans and the entertainment world guessing as to what she will set her sights on and achieve next. Her 1989 album was the only one of 2014 to sell over 1 million copies and although critics and fans alike have described the record as Swift’s most carefree it is obvious that “carelessness” is never a suitable word to categorize Taylor’s efforts. She is strategic and intentional with every track she lays down, every vocal she sings and every lyric she pens.

Mallory Nathan, contributor at Quo Vadis News, sums up Swift and 1989 best in a recent feature written about the singer.

“The authenticity is in Swift’s cleverness, an asset lacking in her competition, and her mastery, which is pivotal in this age of industry puppets. There’s no telling what she will set her sights on next, but at this point, all genres should be sweating, because Taylor Swift does not simply cross into new territory—she claims it.”

It is evident that Swift’s popularity is ever-increasing and her fan base which was extensive to begin with is now converging on unusual territory. Eric Church’s words are proof of this claim.

[Feature image via Erika Goldring (Getty)]