‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Motion Capture Video Delivers ‘Behind The Scenes’ Combat

A new Batman: Arkham Knight video has hit the internet, but instead of gameplay, it takes us behind the scenes. One of the game series’ trademarks is the incredibly deep and involving combat which discourages you from simply “button mashing.”

The combat from Rocksteady’s hit superhero series is apparently motion captured using actual martial artists and stunt men, which adds to the bone-crunching intensity of what we see on screen. This also shows that Rocksteady went out of their way to deliver the most authentic combat they could for DC Comics’ infamous Dark Knight.

The actual people involved in the Batman: Arkham Knight motion capture are covered in sensors as they perform authentic attacks and tumbles, sometimes involving wire harnesses the way most Hollywood movies tend to do. Part of the video even shows the actors alongside the actual game footage, mirroring the brutal action blow by blow.

The combat motion capture is really a small percentage of the work which is apparently going into the game, according to Gameranx. This means that we can expect the same level of authenticity and care in every aspect of the upcoming conclusion to the Batman Arkham series.

Every game so far has given us new gadgets, along with some mainstays like the Batarang, and starting in Origins, Batman has had access to his various signature vehicles. The Batwing was used as a form of fast travel and gadget delivery, while the Batmobile was mostly used as a plot device before.

In his battle with the mysterious Arkham Knight, the caped crusader will now have full access to the Batmobile to race around Gotham City as well as take on a new heavy hitting army. When he’s not racing around and shooting down drones and such, Batman will definitely have the combat prowess he needs to take down his new rival, and the returning villain Scarecrow.

Does this Batman: Arkham Knight motion capture video make you excited to take on a new army of villains? Which aspect of the game are you most looking forward to when the Batman: Arkham Knight release date hits this June?

[Image via Rocksteady/WBIE]

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