Tips For Jesus: Diner Leaves $2,000 At California Eatery, Adding To Incredible Generosity Nationwide

“Tips for Jesus” continued when a diner left a $2,000 tip, after eating at a restaurant in California. According to SF Gate, a generous diner left Tacolicious Valencia Street feeling… satisfied. A regular customer left a hefty tip for the server at the eatery, adding to the generosity of a few wealthy people who have chosen to leave hefty tips for waitstaff around the nation. At this time, no one really knows exactly who is behind these gracious offerings, but some people have an idea.

“San Francisco Magazine published an interview with the Tips for Jesus lead patron this past February. And while he or she remains unnamed, many suspect the big tipper to be Jack Selby, former Vice-President at PayPal. The interview states the Tips for Jesus tippers are part a multiple (wealthy) person operation, as corroborated by Tips for Jesus’ ever-changing penmanship.”

“Tips for Jesus” diners have left anywhere from $1,000 or $2,000 to $10,000 (yes, you read that right) in tips, and everything in between. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a man in the Phoenix area visited Crudo restaurant on December 27. When closing out his $331 bill, the man left $1,000 tip, but he didn’t leave the restaurant after that. Instead, the man stayed for a few more drinks. When that tab came, the man left a whopping $10,000 tip!

“That was the $10,000 tip, on the second tab. [The man] did hand them the check before he left and they were very grateful for such a generous amount of money they received. I don’t know what his response was,” said restaurant partner Maureen Campbell.

The “Tips for Jesus” diner that left $2,000 at Tacolicious will likely strike again. If you would like to follow this journey, you can check out this Instagram page which has been set up to capture receipts that have huge tips from this mystery person. On every receipt there is a message that reads “tips for Jesus,” and the denominations vary. Many believe that whoever is doing this is extremely wealthy, and is trying to spread the joy by doing these random acts of kindness. Of course, there is also a nod to religion in there, something that most people don’t seem to have a problem with — especially if they are on the receiving end. The idea is actually pretty neat.

Who do you think is behind “Tips for Jesus”?

[Photo courtesy of Instagram]