Demetria McKinney Learns Roger Cheated On Her: ‘RHOA’ Star Caught In Cheating Scandal

Demetria McKinney may be a newcomer on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she is learning that she needs to be strong when it comes to the other ladies. This week, she began hanging out with the other ladies, and she quickly learned that they didn’t have her back when things got tough.

Demetria McKinney attended a party with the other ladies, and she may have thought that it was all about having fun. McKinney had decided that she wanted to make her relationship public, so when she was asked about who she was dating, she didn’t hold back. But maybe Demetria should have kept that information to herself.

According to a new Hollywood Life report, Demetria McKinney learned about the cheating rumor at Kandi Burruss’ sex party, where she wanted to have some “sex and relationship talk.” Of course, Roger Bob’s relationship with McKinney was questioned from the first day he called her his lady.

Kenya Moore knew Roger, had worked with him, and she often saw him with other ladies. Moore was questioning his honesty right from the moment he admitted to being in a relationship. During the party, the ladies opened up about being in relationships, and Demetria McKinney revealed that she had been dating Roger Bob for seven years, on-and-off.

But another woman in the crowd admitted that she had also dated Bob. And while Demetria didn’t believe the story, the other ladies believed that he had indeed played McKinney and had cheated on her. So, what was he saying about Demetria?

“He told me you were just his artist,” the girl told the ladies, including McKinney.

Kandi Burruss just wanted the women to have a great time, but Demetria McKinney decided to get up and leave when the other women laughed and chuckled at the fact that Roger may have cheated on her.

But it sounds like Kenya may have led the reaction as she laughed a little when the confrontation happened. According to the Inquisitr, Moore has argued with Demetria already on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and it sounds like McKinney may struggle with the other ladies. Entering the show with a potential cheating scandal may not develop some strong friendships.

What do you think about Demetria McKinney’s reaction, when Kandi Burruss’ friend said that she had also dated Roger Bob? Do you think there is truth to the story or do you think Kandi’s friend just wanted some attention?

[Image via Bravo / Daily Mail]