Detroit Killer May Be Targeting Escorts

Police say that three of the four women found in car trunks over the last week in Detroit had placed sex ads on the internet, leading officials to believe that the killer is targeting escorts in the area.

Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee did not say that the killings were done by the same person and he did not say that they were dealing with a serial killer, but Goodbee did say that the links between the killings were “disconcerting.”

“We are stopping short of calling this a serial [killer] pattern… But three of (the victims) had profiles on this site.”

According to the Washington Post, all three women had posted a sex-related ad on the website

The Grio reports that two women were discovered on December 19th in the trunk of a Landers’ Chrysler 300 on the east side of Detroit. Two more women were found on Christmas morning in a car that had been set ablaze in a garage.

Godbee issued a warning to people using and similar sites. Godbee said:

“We implore people to be careful and always let someone know exactly when and where they intend on meeting this person or persons, which should be in a public place… We are not passing judgment on any individual who is utilizing this website. We felt it was imperative to alert the public that deciding to meet an unknown person via the Internet can be extremely dangerous.”

Godbee said that Detroit police did not have any suspects at the moment.