Civilians Try Military Food: Ever Wondered How MREs Taste? [Video]

Ever wondered what military food tastes like? These guys from Buzzfeed get a taste of the army life as they try meals, ready-to-eat, the military-produced food packets distributed to U.S. soldiers in active duty around the world.

The latest Buzzfeed viral video features their own staffers chowing down on some tasty, military goodness. Enjoy!

MRE foods were first conceptualized in the 70s as a successor to the standard food packages distributed to soldiers during the Vietnam war. The United States military created the packs as a way to provide soldiers adequate nutrition in areas where healthier meals cannot be properly prepared.

A typical MRE includes a main course, a side dish, a dessert or snack typically provided by a popular brand, crackers or bread, spread (cheese or peanut butter), instant coffee or tea, and occasionally, powdered cocoa. There are vegetarian options for MRE, such as this one featured in the video below.

The first food military packages were distributed during the Revolutionary War and contained less artificial food like beef, peas, and rice. During the Civil War, canned foods were the more popular options. Since then, MRE menus have become diverse, with options like chicken fajita and vegetable lasagna available on the table.

Today’s MREs contain 1,200 calories per serving, and can be eaten within a 21-day period. It is illegal to resell MREs, although according to reports, the government spends approximately $7 per soldier meal, slightly more expensive than a typical school cafeteria lunch tray.

[Image from Buzzfeed]