New ISIS Propaganda Video: Life In Mosul ‘Business As Usual’

The latest ISIS propaganda video features favored ISIS spokesman, British hostage, John Cantlie, using his trademark casual delivery to give an ISIS message from the streets of Mosul, Iraq, to say things are, “business as usual” for the Islamic terrorist group and Mosul citizens.

But what is “usual?”

Well, for Cantlie, the International Business Times reports, at one point in the new ISIS propaganda video — which some links show as having been removed from YouTube for an unknown violation of YouTube’s “Terms of Service,” but which a current link, below, does show Cantlie’s new ISIS propaganda video — Cantlie loses his casual delivery and starts yelling at a plane (around 5:37), saying, “Down here! Over here! Drop a bomb! Try to rescue me again! Do something! Useless! Absolutely useless!”

Otherwise, the new ISIS propaganda video shows ISIS’s British hostage, John Cantlie, depicting life in the ISIS-captured Iraqi city of Mosul as “business as usual.” Cantlie is walking and driving the streets of Mosul just as pleasant as can be, also making a special stop at an alleged Children’s Unit of an ISIS-run hospital to show some children that have been supposedly traumatized by the U.S. led bombing campaign against ISIS.

ISIS steamrolled through, and took over Mosul almost six months ago, their military power, willingness to torture, kill and murder thousands, including women and children, inspiring a backlash of Kurdish and Iraqi fighters backed by U.S. led coalition airstrikes.

While the ongoing terror campaign of ISIS has resulted in their controlling large swaths of both Iraq and Syria, and thousands of people murdered by the Islamic terrorist group, the U.S. led airstrikes and other fierce opposition to the Islamic State have resulted in the ISIS faction’s oilfield revenues drying up. Oil is a key source of funding for ISIS, and the lack of oil revenue greatly diminishes the terrorist group’s ability to fund their rolling military campaign across the desert.

This latest video propaganda effort by ISIS with John Cantlie as host, was released Saturday, in an apparent effort to downplay “Western media” assertions that the ISIS caliphate state is a place full of terrified citizens, repression, no electricity and other general signs of a badly functioning society.

“This is not a city living in fear as the Western media would have you believe,” says Cantlie.

This is the eighth ISIS propaganda video that has been released that features John Cantlie. ISIS, who call themselves The Islamic State, has been holding Cantlie hostage since 2012.

Unlike the new ISIS propaganda video, however, countless other sources have told of nasty conditions in Mosul including water contamination and the spread of hepatitis, reports the Huffington Post.

Other ISIS propaganda videos featuring Cantlie have shown him as more of a prisoner, wearing an orange jumpsuit and looking gaunt. In this latest ISIS propaganda video, however, Cantlie appears healthy and in normal clothes.

Cantlie’s healthy appearance, along with the ISIS media arm’s trademark slick production values, matches ISIS’s previous propaganda video efforts, but continued strikes against, and suffered by, ISIS may soon render their propaganda videos moot.

[Images/Video via YouTube]